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 my house has suddenly developed a strong paint/turp smell! i havent used either-so what could cause this????
i hope its not a dangerous gas or something?? just dont know what it could be!"!!!...

 A person that smokes average 1-2 cigarretes a week is consider a smoker? That could make you sick?

 Is Cystic Fibrosis Bacterial Or Viral?
Thanks, and if you find this info on a website, will you post the link....

 So I never took Claritin - D before and by accident I crushing it since I hate swallowing pills.?
Am I a dead man because I feel like I'm on speed....

 Bronchitis - Do I NEED antibiotics?
I had a cold 2 weeks ago which turned into bronchitis. There's some green mucus with a bad smell in the mornings and I do cough throughout the day. More dry though. Other than that all is good.<...

 How to cure sinusitis lasting for over 10 years?
I have had sinusitis since I was 14. I saw many different doctors and tried many different medicines, but nothing seemed to help. I was using various nasal sprays and antibiotics, but as soon as I ...

 What organ system would fail from breathing in rubble and dust?

 Is it harmful to have too many cough drops?
I don't have a cold or cough, I just like them and find that I have them all the time. It's my favorite "candy" (though I get the sugar free ones now). I know it's a little ...

 Waking up every morning and coughing out mucus.?
every morning when i wake up i have mucus stuck in my throat and i end up coughing it out sometimes making my self throw up to clear it out. every morning! why?

and sometimes when i throw ...

 want causes mind blocks?

 Is there a way to get asthma medication without health insurance?

 Will the medication prescribed for my dog called butetazolin help his arthritis and asthma and irritable bowel

 I have a lot of trouble breathing - was wondering if this could be a histamine reaction? What should I avoid?
Was typing a report (medical transcription) and noted that this person had histamine headaches - much like headaches I have had - plus my breathing doesn't every get really good. I eat a lot of ...

 I am quite sick with no chance of going to the doctor --- need home remedy?
I either have strep, or bronchitus, all I know is it is hard to breathe, I am coughing a lot, though, it's not the rough gritty coughs, just random fits of coughing and my throat feels raw. It�...

 EMPHYSEMA-asthma I need to talk to others with it.?
I am 48 yrs, have been diagnoised over a year ago, I lost my job, I can't walk upstairs, hell, I can't do anything I used to. I can't even go grocery shopping alone. Stores don'...

 Who die more? First Hand Smokers or Second Hand Smokers?
Additional Details
SO it's First Hand then?...

 what increses the production of mucous in the eyes?

 Can there be an asthma triggered by cold ?
How can this be treated when you are in cold weather? My doctor just told me a have asthma,but i know its not the asthma i know most of my friends have, their's is more serious and have it all ...

 how do you know if a building your working in has asbestos??
I think my work may have it... what are the signs?? Is there mold? and symptoms in a person?? HELP!!...

 i had a dream about something and i couldnt breathe when i woke up what does that mean?

How much does smoking reduce life expectancy, per cigarette?

just dont smoke

I've always heard that each cigarette takes 15 minutes off your life, but who really knows?

matador 89
The question is hypothetical. Smoking affects different people in different ways. You may see very old people who have smoked all of their lives and are still smoking at 90+ years of age. On the other hand, a person of 40 may have a fatal disease related to smoking. Therefore the question is as un-answerable as the question asking 'How long is a piece of string?'

matador 89

about an hour per cigarette.

Larry C
I am almost 70 and have smoked around 500,000 cigarettes, that would be a low estimate.
I have COPD, I would say the cigarettes have not reduced my life span as much as reduced quality of life. So many things I can no longer do.
Perhaps not the answer you want but will give you a little to think about.

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