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 where can I buy chantix for a cheaper price than the actual chantix website?
Does anyone recommend it? I've heard it's a great product but wanted other opinions please! :)...

 Advanced COPD and now a heart attack?
Hello all, my mother is 58 and has severe COPD from years and years of heavy smoking. She nearly died several weeks ago due to her oxygen levels and was put on a ventilator. She managed to get thru ...

 What is tehbest way to remove sticky phlegm in my throat some says drink water too much is that working?

 Does black bat cigarrette contain marijuana?
Please add a link (If possible)..I've been searching on the net and i st can't find any proof whatsoever..T...

 Recently i weight only 110 ive had shortness of breath and just exhausted barely can breath its in my ears?

 operation to increase lung capacity?
there is an operation to increase the lung capacity for patients sufferinf from copd, is there any information I can read?...

 Is nicotine gum dangerous? I think i may be addicted to it.?

 Lung Volume Reduction Surgery.?
My father is going to have Lung Volume Reduction Surgury (LVRS). Does anyone know of any videos of this surgury that are available online?...

 How those the pneumonia organism attacks and spreads?

 My 17mo has a bad cough and cold, she just had two vaccinations today, can I give her cough medicine?

 i am aneamic since childhood and my hemoglobin stays very low?
hi i have a history of anemic and have a very low hemoglobin right now its 7 .1 i am 37 have two kids i delivered them with same hamoglobin after having lot of medicines it never goes beyond 8 but ...

 I'm looking for info on sarcoidosis. Can anyone help me? I need to find a specialist who knows about this.
I have been to 3 different drs. who say even thought they are specialist(pulmanologists) that I am to far advanced for them to help me? HELP!...

 Cleft Palate (nostril informity)?
How do you feel?
How many rhinoplasties have you had?
Are you okay know?...

 What are possible causes of swollen lymph nodes?
My daughter is almost 3 years old. She has sleep apnia and needs to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. She also has several swollen lymph nodes and the doctor is going to test for lymphoma. I...

 hello. for the past year i have had trouble breathing?
For the past year i have had a problem breathing but i doesnt seem to have anything to do with my lungs. I have had a chest xray a ct scan an a pulmanary lung function test al ahve been negeative. It ...

 How do you use nebulized albuterol without a neb?
Thinking about putting it in the macrowave mixed w/ water and breathing it in. Genius?...

 Why can't i breathe normally?
I feel like my chest and ribs are caving in, i almost always have shortness of breath, and feel sharp pains in my back and side. I've been taking asthma for over a year now, and it doesn't ...

 my daughter aged 5-1/2 yrs had 2 episodes of wheezing in the past 1 month. Is sha suffering from asthama?
My daughter is 5-1/2 yrs old. She was quite healthy and never had any episodes of wheezing earlier. But in the past 1 month she had 2 episodes of wheezing. Is she suffering from asthama? Will it go ...

 Questions about smoking?
I can't find answers easily on the internet, so:
1. How many more cigarette smokers per100 000 die each year than non smokers?
2. the same for how many more against pipe smokers.

 4am in the hospital now; 35 just had tonsils out. Can't sleep because now I am snoring? I didnt snore before
And my own snoring is keeping me awake..... I am freaking out and the dr isnt around. I breathe through my nose when sleeping. Help I am freaking out....

Renee G
How long do i have???I have C.O.P.D.-Emphysema.?
I have 26% of my lungs left and 11% breathing capasity.I have research the web and cant found out How long a person lives.

Larry C
There is no answer to the question, I have 34% lung function so I am much better off than you, I have remained the same for 6 years so I am not getting worse.
I know people who are as low as 10% and have remained the same for a number of years.
You do need to take good care of yourself, clean smoke free air, good food but keep the weight stable, flu shots etc, talk it through with your doctor.

Mad About Purple
Ask your doctor. Even then he may not presume to tell you.

Barry M
First off, I am sorry to hear you have COPD. No doctor can give you a definitive time left on earth because they just don't know. Many people live a long long time with stats like yours. You need to stop smoking ( if you haven't already), take your medicines as directed, exercise, and most importantly, keep away from people who are sick or places in which you can find sick people. That means if you have to go to a grocery store, make sure you use the wipes provided to wipe the grocery cart. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it often. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid crowded places like casinos, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. They are usually full of germs and those germs can kill someone with lung issues like you have. Make sure you get a flu and pneumonia vaccination. Make sure anyone who comes to visit you is not ill with a cold or flu. If they are, don't let them in your home. Finally, get yourself into pulmonary rehab. They will teach you how to utilize the lung tissue you have left. If you take care of yourself you could live a very long time. Good luck.

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