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 anyone ever notice how the ER takes twice as long to see the same amount of patients?
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 please answer?
ive just got out of hospital after having a serious asthma attack, i have had a chest infection and have been breathless and wheesy for two weeks then i had a huge attack {ive had asthma since i was 1...

 does smoking make it harder to breath?
just wondering if you people that smoke have a harder time breathing..?

like after you brush your teeth and breath in heavy do you still get that tingly feelin in your lung?

lol ...

 Pneumothorax & Pulmonary Edema (CHF)?
1. How do the patients with Pneumothorax look like (their appearance)?

2. How do the patients with Pulmonary Edema (CHF) look like (their appearance)?

Ex: In Emphysema ...

 10 month old with pneumonia?
My sis took my 10 month old nephew to the ER last night (she had him at his ped during the day and she said he had a viral infection but gave him an antibiotic anyway) because his fever was so high (1...

 what's happening?
For about four or five days now, i have not been breathing regularly. every so often, and i put emphasis on the word often, i will feel like i am losing air and have to inhale and exhale deeply. i ...

 Anyone had to deal with MRSA?
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 Any information on lung nodules?
I have a nodule on my lung that my doctor is following with chest x-rays. Any additonal suggestions or information would be helpful.
Additional Details
I am a 32 year old female living ...

 Someone please answer!!!!! Doctors or someone who knows a plus too!!!!?
I have asthmatic bronchitis. Since I have asthma it makes it more worse than someone without asthma. My question is, my bronchitis infection has cleared up. My asthma has cleared up, but why is the ...

 why does cold air cause a burning sensation in my nose?
I want to know why does breathing cold air give me this strong burning sensation in at the end of my nasal passages causing a strong headache?
does this happen to you?
is it normal?

 My 7 daughter thought she had to pass gas and she let out a moderate amount of mucus and blood.?
I took her to ER but they didn't give any answers. I am waiting till 3 today to get her into my primary dr. What could it be?
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It is a very small town hospital. T...

 Do I suffer from pectus excavatum (sunken chest) or is this just minor? [pics included]
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 Does anyone know how to still loose weight with asthma and prednisone therapie?

 I Have hiatus hernia and have cut down on bread any good substitute?

 Are the effects of cocaine reversible???
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 can enlarged adenoids cause hearing lost?
my daughter went to her doctor and they referred her to a specalist and he wants to remove her adenoids so she can hear....

 Astma Attacks?
i currently have a really bad cough and have had asthma all my life i was taking ibruphin pain killers because i was tender but they started off an asthma attack and i have not had 1 sinse i was born ...

 Is carbon monoxide bad for you in small quantities over a period of time?

 Quitting Smoking?
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 Tips of concentration, for a boy with a mild case of A.D.D.?
I am 18 and in what I have been told is my most important year of school, and about a year ago I was diagnosed with A.D.D. and so far it hadn't done much damage. I had the choice of extra time ...

How does the flu affect asthma?
What symptoms would you experience? Do you always have to have a fever?

well asthma, makes your breathing tube like things (sorry im 13) contract making them smaller, when your sick you wheeze, usually, with asthma you'll wheeze more. so just keep your inhaler near by. you'll get better soon enough

Blue Haired Old Lady
The flu or a cold can make asthma worse. No, you don't have to have a fever. Symptoms - wheezing, shortness of breath - asthma symptoms.

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oksana (russian baby)
depends what flu but it never affected my asthma

Nickky J
Hello Melanie,

About the Flu and Asthma: Influenza, or the flu, is a viral infection that affects the airways. It's a serious illness. Although most people recover in a week or two, 200,000 or more become sick enough to need hospital treatment. About 36,000 people in the U.S. each year die from the flu. Flu season runs between November and April, but the worst months are December, January and February.

Symptoms of the Flu: Some of the symptoms of the flu may feel similar at first to those you have from asthma, especially if you also have allergies, which many people with asthma do. You may notice a cough, more shortness of breath, and a runny or stuffy nose. But, in addition, the flu causes unique symptoms such as: high fever with chills, aching, tender muscles, headache, extreme fatigue and loss of energy, and a sore throat.

Alvaro R
I am a 22 asthmatic person whenever i get a flu i get severe high fever and high blood pressure diarrhea vomiting and shivers all around the body. My breathing get worst whenever i have a flu in other words my asthma medications never words so the best things you can do is either go to the hospital or doctor but i immediately gone to the hospital because my asthma gotten worst and the medication never worked for me.

I continued using the asthma medication such as the asthma inhaler so many times that i started getting severe high blood pressure and uncontrollable shivering. I even get nose bleed that last 4 hours if not days if not gone to the hospital.

When getting a flu always try to get vaccinated or drink lot of tea with lemon to shorten the flu it help me alot then try to sweat it out by covering yourselves with lots of blankets if not clothes. Avoid taking pain killers even thou some pain killers lower fevers it doesn't cure it it actually make it worst in so many ways so prevent taking any type of aspirin or Tylenol.

Its not always when getting a flu you get high fever cough or severe shivering but you can get a stomach flu which in can spread by not washing your hands always use hand sanitizer. Also when getting a stomach virus you can get severe diarrhea stomach ache high fever or cramps on your lower stomach children under the age of 3 can have it. When getting a severe stomach flu be aware that when getting a stomach flu for people with any age you can suffer from severe or low bleeding from(anus) rear side.

The symptoms are:

Stomach ache:
Muscle cramp:
Stomach cramps:
High fever:
Soar throat:
Severe shivering:
High blood pressure(If your a person with history of high blood pressure):
Swelling on the tongue or Uvula on the mouth.
Swelling glans either in the mouth or salivary glands( cant be noticed unless gone to the doctor)
Swelling on the breast or body:
Pink eye or yellow eye( must see doctor or ER)
Severe breathing such as asthma (respiratory problems)

Asthma symptoms when getting a flu:

Chest pain or chest pain with shortness of breath:
Severe cough cause by flu:
Severe sneezing when caused by flu:
Veins pops out of person necks or if visible.
And more.

These are the symptoms you or anyone should be looking out for if you or someone suffer from asthma.

Good luck.

" Happy Halloween"

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