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 What medicine should I take for Chest Congestion and Cough?
I am sick right now. My body does not really ache, and my nose doesnt run really at all. But I am coughing up the lovely green stuff and have a headache. Also, a cough is very present!


 Irregular heartbeat and hard time breathing? ?
So last night, which was about 1 or something, maybe a couple hours earlier, i was reading a book. Then i was thinking about the push up test, which always gets me excited cause i know that i'll ...

 Fire smoke and Asthma?
There a fire burning near my house and the air was so bad that i couldnt breath with taking in smke and now lungs are sore and possibly swollen could sore and swollen lungs be a sign that i ...

 Upper Respiratory Problems...Need Help?
Since 2003 I've been getting sick 2x per year. It seems to happen in the Spring and in the Fall. I have severe pain when I breathe in, severe pain in my right shoulder blade, and sinus pain. I...

 Is this a panic attack???
My blood sugar is fine, my blood pressure is fine, but every once in a while I just start to feel a bit dizzy, sort of like I'm about to be sick. It lasts a few minutes then goes away. Its ...

 Heath Question??? Please answer...thank you !! :)?
I have had a dry cough that has been ongoing for about 2 to 3 months now. I have been to the doctor twice. I have been on ZPac, Allergy medincine, and strong cough syrup. None have helped. I have had ...

 Can I pay SS in for past years? My doc told me to start my disability for COPD.?
The SS says I need more paid in. I have owned my own guide service and haven't paid in as much as I should have....

 what do you do when you swallow your food the wrong way?
I can still breathe, but its too low to cough up. Any advice?...

 when will i stared my perido?
my doctor say this summer or sping i am ...

 How much arsenic in the body is toxic?

 TB - If exposed to it, or it been injected, how long before you see symptoms?
For example, fluid on the lungs?...

 Doctor over cautious?
I am begining to wonder if my children’s doctor is over cautious.
Both my boys have had respiratory problem in the past 3 month. One had pneumonia the other had Bronchitis.
She informed ...

 Bronchitis & asthma question...does anyone else have this problem?
I have bronchitis & asthma. When I sleep on my back, I wake up with coughing fits. Sleeping on my right side helps me sleep all night peacefully. I was wondering why this was happening?...

 can a 12 yr old girl still play the sax, with asthma and panic attaks??

 How does suffocation kill people?
Inspired by Americas Most Wanted. I've just always thought, if someone passes out from lack of oxygen, wouldn't they restart breathing once they passed out. Kinda morbid, sorry.

 for what purpose FEOVIT SYRUP is used?

 Yaz -- Side Effect?
I have been on Yaz for the last eight days, but unfortunately I have had my period for the last eight days. Normally, I have it for 6-7 days.However, it is currently showing no signs of slowing down. ...

 Has anybody had real/personial experiance with sinus tarsi syndrome?
I have read what is out there on-line. But have yet to hear from anyone else that has had any real experience with "STS". I have had debridement through open incision. And cortisone in the ...

 i have a cold and find it hard to breathe?
do i need to see a doctor. i have not got a cold but just strugglr to catch my breath i have no chest pain but do have a cold is it ...

 If one uses an expired asthma inhaler to relieve an attack will it work still?

How does caffeine affect breathing?
When I drink coffee (to stay awake while driving) it is impossible to "catch my breath" - can't fill my lungs to satisfaction. Why is that? Any suggestions other than lay off the coffee (I only drink 1 -2 cappuccinos/week)

I don't know exactly, but only a little caffeine makes my heart go crazy, and that can cause a million things to go wrong. Mabey you are sensative to it, and it's actually making your heart beat too fast

Caffeine is actually suppose to help breathing. I was told by my internal medicine doctor to drink coffee if I felt a asthma attack coming on. I'm not sure what your problem is? Are you sure it's not some form of anxiety?

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