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Lily R
For some reason I cough up blood?
Ever since I'd been diagnosed with asthma, when I struggle to breathe I seem to cough up blood in my flem. Why?
Additional Details
I'm 14 year old.

Your lungs are bleeding? id get it checked out

Please go see a doctor. Tell your parents!!!! You are too young to be coughing up blood. It could be something minor or it could be something very major!!! Please see a doctor!!!

Nobody should cough up blood, that is definitely not normal!!!

Your best off asking your parents/guardians to take you to your GP.Make a list of questions to take along with you, just to make sure you don't forget to ask what you need to know.Don't sit at home worrying about it, get an expert's advice.It may well be one of those things you have to endure, but it's always good to have your mind put at rest.

†100% Angel†
Could be bronchitis or something like that. When you have asthma and throat infections etc,you can get blood in your phlegm. Sounds like you've got a chest infection.Go with your parents to the Docs and you're likely to get some antibiotics. Good luck

you need to see your GP asap if you're coughing up blood

Maybe you have a stomach ulcer. My ex husband used to cough up blood all of the time, b/c of his ulcers! But I would def. go get it checked out!
Good Luck! :-)~

chelsea ...x
ok you should realy go to the doctors it could be any number of things. if youve had nose bleads if your sick blood can often come out, you could have cut your throat with couging or throwing up or heavy breathing. burst blood vessils, no matter what it is you should seriousley see the doctor if you dont want to tell your parents yet you can make an appointment at the doctors by yourself to find the problem even though they will probably have to inform your parents and some stage as you are under 16 .............xgood luck..........x

Get to the doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like there may be some underlying reason. Just get it checked out for peace of mind.

♀freak and proud♀
idk what it means.all i know is that you ned 2 see a doctor!!!!

Lily K
Ok, just to let you know thats not a good sign at all. Why don't you go to the website I put below.

Big Bad Boris Mayor of London
Probably a chest infection but see your doc soon

Coughing up blood means something is wrong. You need to go see your pulmonary doc ASAP and find out what is wrong.

angel beth
I agree with everyone else's answer. See your Dr. ASAP. One's health is no laughing, or joking matter.

Valerie S
you should not be posting this here,we can't medically evaluate you..get to a doctor to make sure everything is ok!

her with the mad ginger hair
Hello, i too have asthma and i have had this problem especially after a real hard coughing fit ,my doctor told me it is because with asthma ,the bronchial tubes are more delicate than without ,and some of the small veins get broken during the coughing ,this is why it shows in the phlegm, if it is more than just a smear or two i would say go to see your doctor and get it checked out ,just to be on the safe side . i hope this helps set your mind at rest a bit xx

It could be that you have an inderlining infection. This is something the doctor should be aware of since it is not normal for everyone to do this even with asthma. See your doctor asap.

Tell your parents and get them to take you to the Doctor as soon as possible.

My son had that when he was about your age and it was little burst blood vessels caused by the force of the coughing. His asthma was not being properly controlled and that was why he was coughing severe enough to cause this - you need to get your parents to take you to the doctor to get this checked out.

Could be burst blood vessels from coughing or a possible chest infection. Has a chest infection been ruled out?
If you are concerned then see your GP.
Try not to worry.

Hi Cory,
Is the rest of your sputum clear and kinda streaks of blood in it? If so, more than likely you are coughing hard and breaking the capillaries in your throat around your glottis(the small valve that opens and closes to allow food to the stomach and air to the lungs and not visa versa). You should discuss this with your doctor. There are different medications that don't cause drowsiness that will suppress the cough. The cough is due to the thickened phlegm or sputum. There is a certain type of cell ( if memory serves me, it is the type 2 penumocyte cell) that is activated when a person has an asthma attack that produced really tenacious (sticky and stretchy), clear sputum that is really hard to cough out. You might talk to you doctor about a mucolitic of some kind... there are some that will not irritate the airway and worsen the asthma such as gufinicin or tesselon pearls. They will thin the sputum as well as suppress the cough. Are you on Sprivia dry meter dose inhaler the chemical name is Tiotropium Bromide, it is an inhalation powder. It has very promising double blind studies showing it to be 65% greater in effectiviness in controling bronchospasms than its cousin Ipatropium Bromide. Ask you doc. It is a once per day med to be used in conjuction with you rescue inhaler... I don't remember your name for it but ours is Albuterol. Good luck Kiddo.

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