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 Homeostasis essay, help?
Im writing an essay on how illness disrupts homeostasis. My patient is a baby with a UTI. I cant find any info explaining why this would cause apnoea and respiratory collapse.
I though if i had ...

 About 3 weeks ago I went to emergency room with 103.8 temp, they checked me out after a few hours on a iv drip?
gave me some tylenol 3... I have been getting better but I have this dang itch in the upper chest that makes me have coughing spurts.. if it is just a wicked cold virus do I NEED antibiotics to ...

 My asthma is bad yet my tests came out fine, x rays,oxygen test, etc. What's going on?
I don't get it. I feel the inflammation really bad,...and i feel the tightness,but then they say things like "you're clean as a whistle," and my xrays came out fine, my oxygen ...

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 i feel a sinus infection coming on can i prevent it?
my nose is beginning to become so stuffy and congested is there anything i can do or take to ease my suffering or keep it from worsening?...

 my child was diagnosed with asthma, but i don't believe she has asthma. can someone give an advice?
my 4-year old daughter has been coughing and having a runny nose for the week and i was giving her Tylenol. the cough seemed to stop but yesterday before bed she started coughing again. my husband ...

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does paraffin wax have dangerous chemicals. ?
it ...

 How to stop smoking...?
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 would patting or rubbing comfort a coughing person. what in case of a girl?

 Does anyone here wear a CPAP and do you feel more rested?

Additional Details
I feel tired all the time and wake up snorting and g back to sleep. Also have you had sleep paralysis? Nasty stuff. You can hear sounds, but can't move, I am ...

 i can actually SEE my pulse!?
is it bad to be able to see my heart beating in my chest?
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Would a hospital use radiation therapy to brake up blood clots in the lungs ?...

 During a severe asthma attack?
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 Asthma attack?
i get my new inhailer tomorrow morning
i was in a steamed bathroom
i rubbed vaporizing rub

i was then told to drink coffee...
do i drink the coffee cold or hot?
can i ...

 Quit smoking... Very demotivated... ?
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 Has anyone ever had cortisone shots? If so, did they work? For how long? Were there side effects?

Does the cough getting worse with Bronchitis mean the person is getting better?
It started out as a dry hacking cough over 3 weeks ago. It turned into a productive cough a couple of days ago and she is now having coughing fits where she ends up throwing up. It sounds terrible! Does the worsening cough, being productive, mean she's actually getting better since she's coughing the junk up now? I'm just curious if this is part of the course of viral Bronchitis or if it's indicating this may be turning into Pneumonia. As of now she has no fever or chest pain.

Sorry if this rambled about...I'm very tired.

nope -it means you need to treat the cough!! use your inhaler & nebulizer for these episodes, run a vaporizer in the home, use a nasal rinse, and see your doctor.

Green Is Sexxxy
keep an eye on it of course. make sure there is no blood (brown or red) in with the phlegm, but usually, it means the body is getting rid of the mucous it doesn't need anymore.

go to the doc to ease your worries, but it's probably just a case of "gets worse before it gets better"

i went to this site when the girls and i were sick. gave some decent info. most important...DON'T SWALLOW IT BACK DOWN

It could be either. The body could be breaking the stuff up and getting rid of it. It could be that it is settling in. Low grade temp would indicate it turning for the worse while no temp and increase in either energy or appetite means its getting better. It could also be an indication post nasal drip if a head cold or something is starting on top of it all. Just like most things, keeping an eye on it is the best course of action. Monitor the temp and such. Watch for headaches that don't seem to go away and behavior patterns that are out of the norm.

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