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 I was tested and told to go on oxygen at night. O.K. did that. My big question is why? No one seems to know .?
They have never suggested testing. I sometimes feel that it is difficult to breathe. I would like to know why I am having these symptoms. It's easier to correct something if you have reasons ...

 I'm having really weird problems with breathing?
sometimes I find that I'm not breathing for some reason, and a lot of the times, I find that if I'm not thinking about it, I'll stop breathing. And sometimes, when I am breathing, I;m ...

 iam using a inhailer for astma regulerly , i got a job in UAE.is there any formalities for takeing inhailer?
should i get this inhailer at abudhabi.
any formalities for buying this medicine directly,
should i take this medicine with me for one ...

 does anyone know what this cold or something is?
i have this cold or something... me and my friend got it exacly the same time. our temperature ranges between 98.0•F and 102.4•F. we have really bad head aches,our stomaches KILL, and last night ...

 which medication is better for asthma symbicort or seretide?

 Question about LUNG doctor?
Why don't lung and asthma doctors take lung xrays when you go to them?
Every time I go to the ER, they take lung xrays, but lung and asthma doctors don't....

 What are good foods to help with bronchitis?
Any vitamins or fresh food that help heal you from lung problems.? Just got out of hospital with bronchitis.T...

 Chest X Ray was clear, is it definatley not cancer?
(This is my father im talking about who is an ex smoker and smoked for about 20 years, quit 2 years ago)

He has a chronic cough that wont go away. Its been around for 2 months and over... &...

 Ive had bronchitis for about a month, even though im not coughing or having fevers anymore, ?
I was on antibiotics and took cough drops that didnt work, i havent been coughing or having fevers but i think i still have a lot of phelm in my thoat and Im still exhausted all the time like as if i ...

 Decrease in Pulse Ox?
can anyone tell me why one of the symptoms for a low pulse ox (lets say 86%) is tachycardia? if your heart beats increase wouldn't you get more oxygen to your tissues?...

 I want to quit smoking but i always fail?
Ive tried ...numerous times on my own, i can't even count how many, and i always fail.
I have concidered going to my doctor but im not too sure because im only 17 (18 in 4 months). Ive been ...

 Has anyone read or heard any "not bad" things about smoking?
Im a smoker. I smoke. I like to smoke. And yes I sometimes worry about my health.

I have a friend who i work with. He's an older guy. Like mid to lat 60's. He doesnt smoke. But ...

 Desribe the compensatory mechanisms that are maintaining blood pressure during blood loss?
Mrs. Johnson is brought to the emergency room after being involved in an auto-accident. She is hemorraghing and has a raspid, thready pulse, but her blodd pressure is still within normal limits. D...

 some people say smoking effects the person near by is that true&why?

 Is vaseline alright for dry nostrils?
It's just very recently that I noticed that my nostrils are very dry and it's very painful to remove the dried mucus inside. I was searching for an emergency relief for it but all I have is ...

 I know this may sound really nasty but what does dirreah mean?

 what is the structure of the olfactory including nasal cavities,mucous membrane and blood supply?

 Have a chest / lung infection - virus?
Really sore in the back area. Can't breathe properly.
Doctor said not to take antibiotics.
What can i take for the pain?...

 Anybody got any CPAP recommendations?
I need to get one, and I'm having difficulty choosing one that's light (for travel) AND has C-Flex......

 can air pollution cause stress?

Does marijuana harm your vocal chords?

Additional Details
but WHY? i have never seen evidence that just because it's smoke, it harms your lungs, etc. i always thought it was what was IN the smoke itself.


smoking anything harms your vocal cords.

KY Physician
smoke is an irritant and harms any respiratory lining, including the vocal cords. To have a normal voice the two vocal cords must have a smooth edge to vibrate against each other. the irritation from smoke (of any kind) causes the lining of the vocal cord to swell and that will affect your voice.

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