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 Someone answer please. WORRIED.?
Do all the symptoms of Swine Flu come at once?
Idk if I could be getting it because my boyfriend was around a friend that just found out he has it. I am so worried because I just had a baby boy ...

 What is a cytokine storm?
What is a cytokine storm? Other than the flu, what triggers a cytokine storm?...

 what are achey muscles a symptom of?
it's not a pulled muscle. we're sure of that,
but, my body aches all over. arms, legs, stomach, neck, occasional headache, and a cold.
all of this has been happening for over a ...

 Pulmonary embolism causes permanent lung damage?
I'm a 21 yr old female, never smoked, average weight.

Last October I found out the hard way that I have a genetic blood clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden heterozygous) and ended up ...

 I can't stop coughing! Help!?
I stayed home Wednesday and Thursday because I had a fever, migraine, and a cough. It was slightly better Thursday night so I went to school Friday. Then after school it got worse. Saturday morning ...

 I'm sick and my nose is really irritated from the tissues?
Ugh I hate this. It's kind of sore, and I know if I put lotion on it'll burn. Will aloe Vera gel help?...

 Bad Problems with sleeping (Breathing)?
For a While now, this happens most of the time, id say about 95% of the time when i try to fall asleep.

Id say ever since Early december (2008), i have this problem trying to sleep at ...

 Help about asthma? Serious question please read?
ok so i have asthma ever since i been born. I always thought smoking was disguisting and nasty. I started smoking pot at age 13 (currently 17). I realized as i smoke my lungs feel better and im ...

 What kind of gas mask would I need to protect myself from second hand smoke?
I used to be a smoker but I'm not anymore and I'm finding that I am absolutely appalled disgusted and almost left wanting to puke every time I smell a cigarette. My husband smokes and my ...

 Do I possibly have an Acute Bronchitis?
I'm 19 years of age. And I already have an Acute Bronchitis when I was 4 years old. All the symptoms are dry cough, on and of fever plus I have difficulty to breathe....

 crocodile bile : a poison or a cure for asthma?.?
I've recently read an article about a cure for asthma, and it's crocodile bile..
but, as what I've known, crocodile bile is used as a poison in some parts of Africa.....

 OKAY PLEASE HELP! Puffiness, heaviness, nursing, hormones?
Okay, here we go:

I have slight puffiness on my left arm and leg. I have had a blood clot in my lung last year and that is taken care of but it did enlarge my heart which is gone. I am 9 ...

I get a cold, when the cold go's I get a thickly cough that lasts for a few months that doesn't clear up with cough medicine, like its happened since I was 9 or 10 and im in my 20's ...

I have been coughing up Orangey/ brown mucus since last June,
i have been to see 4 Doctors now, and they gave me Antibiotics
which didnt work.
And now ive been given an Inhaler ! and a ...

 Does anyone know if there is any financial assistance with children who have asthma?
Im looking to see if there is any financial assistance program for asthmatic children. My children had insurance until the job decided; more laying off people or out with the insurance? and out went ...

 how is endstage C.O.P.D. decided?
what treatment is there?...

 Are chemtrails bad for your lungs?
There is an official online petition now at 10 Downing Street to find out!

Additional Details
Please see todays (09/04/2009) ...

 what are five uncontrollable risk factors associaated with cardiovascular diseaes?

 Am I getting chronic bronchitis ?
I've been coughing for 3 weeks and 5 days including today . Most of the time it's just dry coughing . Fever , short of breath , aching on the back for the first few days ,then went away. I...

 Can I use my nebulizer without the filter?
It's the ProNeb Ultra.

I've never used one before, but just want to use it with essential oils, which are good for treating asthma, like "honey oil". I don't want ...

Does Coke & Pepsi etc stain the mucus in your throat / nose?
I notice that when I have been drinking Coke or Pepsi, some thick 'dry' mucus builds up on top of the soft palate. When I brush my teeth I spit it out because I don't want to be swallowing it all.

The mucus is a mix of clear and a colour like cola, which could actually be old blood. I have a growing painless lump on the left of my hard palate which could be related but I'm not jumping to the nasal tumor conclusion yet.

I only spit it out when I've been drinking cola because that seems to increase mucus production, so I'm not sure if it's the same colour all the time.

Basically what I want to know is, if you drink cola will it stain your mucus? I need to know whether it's blood or not, and it's kinda weird that it gathers on top of the soft palate because so food or drink should get up there, and also the fact that it's only my left nostril which is the same side as the lump in the roof of my mouth.

Same happens to me if i drink it too fast.
Let me know if you find out something.

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