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 Is this more than just a sinus infection?
I went to the doctor last thursday after two days of a sore throat, headache, stuffy nose and an ear ache. He said it was a sinus infection. So im on antibiotics and have been since thursday. The ...

 How long does bronchitis usually last?
I got bronchitis about 2 days ago.
I'm trying to cough really hard to spit up the phlegm, I'm drinking lots of water, taking medicine, and I've been taking treatments every 3 ...

 Is Hookah bad for you?

 I feel a sore throat coming on?
What can I do to stop it from coming and what are some home remedies for sore throats?

 I suffer from COPD or reactive airway disease and my doctor has prescribed flovent and proventil even?
though I never have breathing problems. I have bronchitis(?) with phlegm buildup that causes me to cough and almost vomit. I have never really understood what is wrong with me....

 2 weeks ago I went to the doctor.........?
Turns out I had a sinus infection and he gave me some antibiotics (wish i recalled the name but i don't offhand) and it went away in about 5 days. Now, 2 days ago, my nose is stuffy and I can ...

 I heard that minor cuts on swine can be cured with bacon?
Minor skin grafts can be performed on pigs by covering any cuts and grazes with thin strips of bacon, leaving you with a bit of a cough, and possibly a headache.

So by this logic, I expect ...

 Who should sleep on the couch? The snorer or the snoree?
My boyfriend wakes me up every night to roll over when I am snoring. I dont snore that loud and it ruins my night of sleep. Lately, I have been just going to the couch. Who should sleep on the couch? ...

 I have been told by a doctor that i have bronchial spasms however...
however.... i never have coughed, instead i feel that my lungs cannot fill with air even when i take full amounts of air, are these bronchal spasms, PLEASE HELP....

 How Long Does Asthma Medication Take To Work?
I was diagnoised as having asthma and a chest infection on Monday. I've really been struggling to breath, and I basically sound like I am in labour with those short sharp breaths. I've had ...

 Can brain respire without oxygen?
Can brain cells perform an anaerobic respiration when deprived of oxygen?...

 Irritating cough?
I have had a very irritating cough for 3 months, which drives me mental at night, i have been to the Dr who said i have got mild asthma, and gave me a inhaler, im not sure if it helps a lot.... i ...

 zyban for giving up smoking?
has anyone took zyban to give up smoking,i have not smoked for 4 weeks due to a slight heart attack,but i am struggling with being very hungry and was reading about this drug,which said was very ...

 Does an EKG tell if you have poor circulation?
What about narrowing arteries?
What tests are done to see if you have poor circulation?
I know one is you push on your nail and see how long it comes back but how long should it take?...

 should i try to stop smoking while in need of some more soon?
i dread getting my wheelchair out in this very cold storm we having here now anyway. will ya pray fer me to stop smoking and etc.
Additional Details
it's like 20 degree here were i ...

 If i buy steroids online will anyone notice?
I'm going to buy it from a website out of the country but i wanted to know if there was anyway of cops finding out of that or anyone else I'm pretty sure that cops aren't going to go ...

 name the organs forming the passageway from the nasal cavity to the alveoli of the lungs?
or identify them on a diagram or model and describe the function of ...

 Exercises for asthma! Please?!?
Hi, I've asthma since a baby and I've been taking medecine for it for more than 10 years, but lately i've been more stressed (school exams, personal life) and my asthma has gotten ...

 Is it possible to grow out of asthma?
I've noticed my asthma has only gotten less serious throughout my life (I'm 16 now), I'm on a low dosage at the moment and I'm wondering if there's a chance that I might soon ...

 Is forced burping harmful?
I read in an answer on this site that it can burn a hole in your esophagus, and that sounds really extreme for something so small. :[ But sometimes I do burp on purpose, and it really worries me. I ...

Beach Bum
Do you know someone that suffers from COPD, Chronic bronchitis, and Sleep Apnea?
How do they coupe?

C u e r v o * L o J i X X
Dang!!! ..and i always thoiught it stood for...

confused orders in police departments!!

No I dont know anyone with it!!


Are you okay?
COPD,RLS, Chronic Bronchitis, Sleep Apnea. Is this you or a loved one? I hope that whoever it is that hey are doing okay!

I am going to try and get my nurse friend to answer this one


My aunt has asthma which led to emphysema. Emphysema is one of the diseases of COPD. She frequently uses Albuterol inhalers and has to wear oxygen all the time. I have sleep apnea. I wear a CPAP machine when I sleep. It helps to keep my airway open so I can breathe.

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