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 History question?
I remember in history class my teacher told us of a theory that people believed.. They believed that breathing bad smelling odors would cause them to catch a disease. I know it starts with a 'm&#...

 do YOU thnk there will be any cure for me?
I cant look at things with lids or zips..it makes me suffocate..i feel like the air in the tube cant get out if it is close so i feel suffocated..anyone..should i got to the doctor..do you think i ...

 what happens, when people smoke, while having pnuemonia?
I have a stubborn friend, that has walking pnuemonia, but still smoking.
Additional Details
love., the replys, but is anyone a doctor,nurse,in the medical field , tell me the direct ...

 is it C or E?
A 59 year old woman presents complaining of a cough productive of sputum for nearly 10 years. Her cough occurs during the day, and she produces sputum daily. The woman states that as a child, she had ...

 Sometimes I get a dizzy feeling(almost like butterflies) in my chest and feel like I can't breathe properly
This feeling passes quite quickly but has happened 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks.Any suggestions?...

 please help?
29. Transpulmonary pressure is greater than zero during expiration and in
A. inspiration.
B. emphysema.
C. pneumothorax.
D. dyspnea.
E. apnea....

 If air in the pleural space is a pneumothorax, what is it when there is air in the thoracic cavity?
Air in the thoracic cavity which isnt in the pleura space?...

 is there a problem about calcified granuloma?
i have a calcified granuloma and everytime i applied a job it cost me a lot.is this a serious ...

 i ran out of my inhaler and...?
my breathing isnt horrible just a wheezing. but its driving me crazy. is there a way to possibly stop the wheezing?...

 If you suffer from sleep apnea, is it possible to be violent in your sleep and not remember?
A friend's brother beat the crap out of his girlfriend, went home and went to bed, and the next day didn't remember a single thing about the night before. He was recently diagnosed with ...

 hughes syndrome/ blood clotting issues/ pulmonary emboli??
my wife has just been diagnosed with hughes syndrome, the doc isnt being very informative, anyone know anything about it....

 Milk causes your cough to be worse with phlem/mucous? Old Wives Tale or Not?
My son is three years old, and he's had his cough for three weeks now. It's a productive cough which means it's producing phlem and mucous. I've had mixed advice about giving him ...

 could i have bronchitis?
i work with some one who had bronchitis and a sinus infection and now i have a very stuffy nose and a dry cough that make you feel like your choking but its not that bad. i just want to know if it ...

 Red inhalers - do they work? I think they are steroid ones?
I have been suffering with asthma for 18 months and finally diagnosed a couple of months ago. I cant kick it, i am really down about this and for the last couple of days it has been bad. I have ...

 Are there people out there who have severe asthma?

 what is edema?

 can i take cough medicine with claritan oral?

 What happens if?
If a pulmonary embolism goes untreated?...

 where can i get a CASE STUDY of a smoker? Thanks in advance....?

 Why are packs used in septoplasty ?
and what determines if they are used or not. Is there any cases where they don't use anything of that sort ??...

Do I still have bronchitis?
I went to the doctor for shortness of breath and some coughing she diagnosed me with bronchitis.The doctor gave me some antibiotics, advair and a proair inhaler. A week after I finish my antibiotics i started having shortness of breath again but I'm also having chest and lung pain and a slight cough.Could I still have bronchitis? And my laugh has changed after I finished the antibiotics.When I laugh it sounds like I can't get enough air.Could that be caused by my bronchitis?

The doctor who gave you Advair for bronchitis should have her license revoked. Despite the fact that it has been approved for chronic bronchitis (it seems you have acute bronchitis though), its risks does not justify its use in your case, and recently it has been recommended only for severe asthma cases (i recommend you read about Advair Black Box warning).
ProAir HFA is an albuterol sulfate inhaler. Albuterol is a bronchodilator, a medicine that opens up the airways in your lungs during an asthma attack. ProAir HFA can be used to help relieve your sudden asthma symptoms when they occur, so I don't see how it will help you get over your bronchitis.

The only advice I give you is to go see another doctor, preferrably a certified pulmonologist.

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