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 asthumia! please help i have been having a hard time breathing.?
i had asthumia since i was three ... know everyday i wake upp i need my nebulizor or ihalor right awaya and i will need it in the middle fr classes in school. what triggering it like this?

 What to do for sinus drainage?
I am having constant sinus drainage. Been to dr. 4 times including a ct scan that reviled clear sinuses. Tried a crap load of otc stuff, that didn't work. drainage is giving me tummy aches too. ...

 sharp pain on the left side of my back, trouble breathing?
i toyed with the idea of a collapsed lung because i fit all the symptoms but i don't know.

the pain is more of somewhere in my back area on the left side, below my heart, it hurts ...

 Does anyone know where a hypnosis for quiting smoking is in Bakersfield CA.?

 would i enjoy a job as a respiratory therapist , or pharmacy tech?
what are the job duties?...

 why can i only breath through one side of my nose?
idk why but ever since i was little i can only breath though the right side of my nose, and the left never works. i don't have a cold or anything like that and i'm not stuffed up. any ideas?...

 Syrup instead of honey?
Is it possible I could drink syrup instead of honey with milk? I have a bad cough and I just found out there were ants inside the jar of honey. So now I'm just fresh out of honey at home. I'...

 How to make your mom STOP smoking.?
My mom says that she smoke a little bit but I dont think so. Please help me find out how to make her not smoke....

 Why is BAHA important to bilateral microtia case?
My son has the same case and the doctors are recommending the procedure....

 I breath normally but sometimes suddenly i take deep breathes approximatle couple each minute, is that normal?

 asthma help please??????????????????/?
I just been dignosed with asthma. Im on advair, 2 nose sprays, and singar tablets. It was working but recently it stoped for some reason. Im experacing more symtoms such as:

trouble ...

 To those of you that have stopped quitting smoking?
"cold turkey"-how long did the horrible racing of your heart last?...

 What do those "ADVAIR" inhalers do for ones lungs?
if you have a bad cough, will it take the cough away?...

 what are the early signs to know if u are catching pnemonia or if you caught it..?

 Can a 13 year old girl die from asthma?
My daughter is having a hard time from friends about her asthma. They even are getting mean about it. No one seems to realize that you can die from asthma and it doesn't matter if they are ...

 i have a question about being sick can anyone help me? serious people only please!!?
i have been sick for awhile with a bad cough and stuffy nose. the cough makes me throw up at times. since i am sick i need to check my temp like every day. since i am congested and coughing bad i ...

 whats worse, cigarettes or pot? and why?

 does anybody have the perfect remedy for congestion?please help?

 what is guillian barre syndrome?

 Does air from each of your nostrils go to a different lung?
meaning when you breath in with your left nostril does the air go to the left and lung and with your right nostril to your right lung or does it go to the same place so if you were to close 1 nostril ...

Coughing that makes you Vomit? Whooping Cough?
Hi all.
I have had a violent cough for almost 6 weeks now...
Tonight after yet again vomiting my nice dinner up after a 1 min coughing fit I decided to visit the doctor I have seen for the past 6 weeks. After two doses of anti biotic treatment for a chest infection I am still as crook as I was 6 weeks ago.
Now tonight I have been told that I have Whooping Cough?
Has anyone else had Whooping Cough... my children are currently immunized to the max so have not caught it as of yet however my last shots were when I was 5??
I have been given a booster shot? Has anyone had whooping Cough and if so how long will this last?

i had whooping cough when i was a kid I'm 63 now but i don't remember it lasting that lone

VeggieTart -- Praise Seitan!
I have had bad coughs that made me bring up food, but never been diagnosed with whooping cough. I have had bronchitis, though, not that this is going to help. I'm sorry.

I can only say that you aren't alone in the category of coughts that make you vomit.

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