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Has anybody had Septoplasty were there was no packing or splints just the stitches and if so did you have lots of congestion and could you breathe comfortable....

 Would these be signs of pneumonia or something else?
I'm asthmatic and was sent to the hospital last week . During the attack, it felt like my lower right side and upper chest were SQUEEZING so tight, not giving me relief. Been treated with nebs, ...

 My throat has been dry for over 13 hours ?
It keeps getting very dry. Water doesn't help. No liquids help....

 Can you have anaphylaxis without a trigger?
On Monday, I went into anaphylactic shock, but I had not eaten or taken medicine. Mine was a severe case. The E.R. administered intravenous antihistamines and cortisone, monitored my blood pressure, ...

 is this normal for pilondial disease?
I had a pilondial cyst drained over a month ago the hole still hasn't healed up, and it keeps bleeding and is smelly, which i was told was bad, but my doctor here tells me there is not use, btu ...

 My inhaler gives me little relief....?
My inhaler gives me little, if any. I was diagnosed with asthma 2 months ago. I'm running a full marathon (26.2 miles) this Saturday and I really need an inhaler that works for me. This will be ...

 i am waiting to miscary..will your body always expel naturally? how long is to long to wait?
i am 9 weeks. at 8 weeks my doc told me that there was no heartbeat and i was measuring in at just 6 weeks. I have waited a week and nothing is happening. Will your body always expel naturally? and ...

 Coughing, sore, sneezing, headache... but not the flu?
Here's the deal. My current symptoms are as follows:

Runny nose
Coughing every 10 seconds due to throat irritation

So you're probably ...

 I'm coughing up bloody mucus?? I know gross.... please help?
So i've coughed up about 3 times today a bloody sort of like gummy bear texture mucus( very thick) my throat is killing me. i think i just have the flu. Yes i smoke cigs but have cut back alot ...

 am feeling weak feverish and coughing out a nasty brownish phelmg?
i have never smoke in my life and it hurts when i cough,and dont really like the nasty taste of the phelmgn in my throat.i have joint pains all over and no ...

 I keep dry heaving but i have to puke but nothing will come up? is it stuck? what do i do?

 what is the popcorn lung disease? my dad died and the doctors dont know why.?

Ok so I though I had a bad cold for the bast few days when I started coughing a lot, then yesterday out of no where I had a hard time breathing, I have not had any asthma problems for almost 3 years ...

 I have dry cough not sure why this happen and trying various home remedies not goin away can any on gve sugstn?

 Where does the blood on the nose bleeding comes from?
I want to know where the blood from the nose bleeding comes from and what cause nose bleeding?...

 which is safer ...gas oxygen or liquid oxygen?

 Can someone help? My mom is having some health problems?
Well i fell like a strange sensation in the area near the bottom of my throat, it feels as if i am going down a roller coaster (like my stomach is in my throat) This has been occurring for around ...

 What causes habitual snoring and can it be something more serious?
My partner snores every night. I've been reading some of the questions about snoring on here to find ways of dealing with it, but they've left me quite worried as a lot of nurses etc have ...

 My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis and i worry about him a lot, is anyone else in the same situation?
i'm 17 and my boyfriend's 19 and he is absolutely amazing [:
everyone knows him to be full of himself and just a great laugh and a good advice giver and listener.
he is the ...

 Im on Prednisone and im having trouble with side affects?
I just got put on Prednisone (a steriod) im 13 years young and im taking it for my asthma. The Doc put me on 60 miligrams and i cant sleep and i cant eat, i feel like puking and im also extremly ...

Claritin and Robitussin (cough & cold) CF. Can you take these together?
Ok, so I cannot call the pharmacy. I took a Claritin this morning around 10......and it says that you can only take one every 24 hours. I cannot breathe good!! My nose is SO stuffed up. I am wondering if will be SAFE to take so Robitussin for my stuffed up nose even though I have already taken Clairitin this morning!?!?

i do it ALl the time take them all at once. try it what u got to loose and if it makes u feel better

I routinely take Claritin and an decongestant/antihistamine (like Robitussin CF) when I have a cold. Claritin is pretty mild as far as drugs are concerned and doesn't have much in the way of drug interactions. If you are really concerned, and can't call the pharmacy, you can also get answers by calling your local hospital.

Robitussin CF is a dangerous and stupid drug because it combines a cough suppressant and an expectorant. With expectorants, you have to cough to make it work. Taking that combination will actually increase your risk for infection. It also has phenylephrine, an ineffective decongestant.
Claritin can be safely taken with the medication.
If your nose is stuffed just take pseudoephedrine. Claritin does not help with stuffy noses.

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