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 i cannot sleep... sore throat!!!?
i cant sleep its 5 in the morning, whenever i lay down the air from when i breathe in through my nose or mouth touches my throat and thats whats really keeping me awake.. please help! what can i do ...

 what disease/virus do i have if i have: A runny nose, very sore throat, and painful swallowing?
Okay so i have had those symptoms for maybe a couple days but have had the sore throat every morning for a week. I am 13 so, whatever. I need advice on this....

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 I hate the sound of people chewing/breathing.?
When people chew food specially with there mouth open i get soo pissed off i dont know why i feel liek killing people i hate the sound its so disgusting..and when people snore or breathe i hate that ...

 can an ear infection cause off balance in the human body?
feeling off balance is it due to an ear ...

 How do you get a Phlegm voice?
One like James Morrison or the lead singer in The R...

 Positive or negative TB test?
I got a Mantoux/PPD TB test because I work with children...That was about 48 hours ago. The injection site is red, but it is not raised at all. It's about 20 mm in diameter. It kind of just ...

 possible asthma symptoms?
okay i use to have asthma when i was younger but it just kinda faded away where it really didnt bother me. but ive started football and like i just thaught i was out of shape because i was having ...

 when a patient is in respiratory alkalosis how do you increase their paco2 levels?

 how to protect vocal cords?
i am a carnatic music singer I want to protect my vocal cords so that I can sing well in future too Pls give me ...

 I need help quitting smoking?
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 what is a Simple, Ayurvedic, or Homeopathic medicine for chronic rhinitis which may be related to menopause?
My wife (45 yrs) is presently at menopause, suffering from chronic rhinitis which can be relieved by anti-allergic medicines like Citrizine but recurrs immidietely. She has never suffered from ...

 Can erythromycin cause bleeding if you have bronchiectasis?

 What's this disease? It's related with breathing problems.?
My girlfriend has been having breathing problems for 3 months and I'm really worried. At first, it wasn't too bad, just an issue with breathing and she couldn't stay outside for ...

 Can asthma be genetic? What about smoking, pollution? ?
I'm answering my own question for those wondering because I posted a list of things that can help asthma sufferers on here about a week ago since I've been suffering from it myself since I ...

 I needed my inhaler 2 times in one day

Additional Details
my sampler inhaler that the dr gave me to see if it works (seeing if I have Asthma) If I need it almost every other day what will they do?...

 REALLY painful sore throat. Help pleasee?
Ok, so when you're answering, don't just say to have tons of vitamins and tea and OJ, since I'm already doing all that. I would like something a bit more helpful.

Ok, so I�...

 help with asthama?
i am 14 and pl outside and workout daily..i take my blue puff and my orange one...is there anything that can make me breath better???...

 social phobia, any sufferers out there?
i suffer with social phobia, anyone else out there that is in on a friday night, or just me,...

La vie est belle
Can you pass out or die from coughing too much?
I know It's kind of a morose question, but I've had a severe cold the past few days (It is better now) and have coughed more than I have coughed IN MY LIFE!, My chest is hurting as a result of it.. so it hurts whenever I cough now. I have been feeling lightheaded - Is it possible to pass out or have a heart attack or some kind of thing from coughing constantly ?
Additional Details
Brandi - I don't do drugs, I have seen the doctor and he said it was a cold virus and will subside in the past few days (which it has) and no I am not lazy. Thank you.

Down With Bottled Water!
You can definitely pass out and/or vomit from coughing too much.

I don't think you can die though.

lol no you can't die and prob not even pass out cuase when you cough your moving air in and out of your lungs...there for breathing



You need a nebulizer treatment and something to take care of whatever is causing your cough.

you are lightheaded because you are not getting enough oxygen to to your brain.

brandi m
YES!!! I suggest the obvious fact that yuou need to go to the doctor, and cut or quit any smoking or drugs you may be doing. Life is too beautiful and short to end it over being lazy or scared to see the doctor. They have many payment plans and specail place like health clinics to just sit there tying on Yahoo. I am not being mean but If it is that serious for you, (or someone you know) you need to see the doctor ASAP.

My goodness some of these answers are scary.More by how much they don't know. What you're getting is called cough syncope and is experienced by a lot of people during or after a severe bronchitis.
What happens is when you cough the pressure builds up in your chest preventing blood from draining from your head so momentarily your brain isn't getting O2. It's ok though. as soon as you take a breath in everything is alright. It 's kind of like straining for a BM. If you have preexisting heart disease, yeah you could die and many people do while they're on the "pot".
It is extremely unlikely to have the same effect on an otherwise healthy person.
Don't be overly concerned. When you start to cough grab something to steady yourself or sit down.
God bless and help this to pass.

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