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 vickss addiction!!?
i am addicted to inhaling vicks all the time and i m afraid its gona get bad for my health now =/
wat shud i do =S...

 what lung condition is the fourth leading cause of death amoung the elderly?

 are there different amounts of nicotine in different cigarettes?

 Is it possible to crack a rib bone due to chronic coughing?

 Saline water injection ?
I'm doing a drug PSA at school, and I was gonna do a mock drug shoot-up with saline water. Problem is: can't find saline water (other than online)! Is there anywhere in stores where they ...

 I have post nasal drip and it's making me miserable - my throat and stomach hurt - what can I do?
I have really bad post nasal drip, and on account of it my throat is irritated, and I feel really nauseous. What can I do to stop the nasal drip or help with the nausea?...

 my 3yr.has a cold(runny noise, cough,some fever) but my main concern is his cough?
his cough seems to be his most discomfort,im thinking he may have a sore throat also .because i can hear him if he tries to swallow,also he was complaining about he stomach hurting he not eating ...

 what is this.....?
My husband is very sick right now he is coughing up mucus, and complaing of a sore throat...is anyone else felling sick on here? Also his bestfriend is the same way and my bestfriends little girl who ...

 how long does it take for your lungs to clear out when u quit smoking?

 Is there a good book for radiology?..i am in the medical school and i have problems interprting x rays....Ple

 I'm taking Chantix, does anyone know about side effects?
I have been losing things and forgetful, feel tired, cant concentrate at work. Yes I have dreams, but I always have dreams. (and I do forget to smoke). My husband thinks I'm mean and crazy. H...

 Continuing Pain After Pneumonia?
I had Pneumonia around 3 weeks ago. It has been gradually getting better. However after all this time, there is a pain when I burp, sneeze or laugh in my side with referred shoulder pain. However ...

 Asthma and bronchitis?
I have chronic asthma since I was 3 years old. It was really serious back then, but now I am on a treatment and I havent had a episode ever since. I am 13 now. Well four days ago I had a basketball ...

 What will happen if you use your inhaler too much?
It's albuterol. I'm not sure how many times I've puffed in the last half hour. I'm kind of shaky but that's all... Nothing else will happen right? ._. I'm not sure if ...

 chest pain??
i 'm having some really bad chest pain off and on. it hurts mainly when i breathe in. help?...

 Has anyone on here ever had bronchitis? How long did it take before you felt better?
This is agony. I feel so awful. Is there anyone that can give me some tips on feeling better....

 i feel like im getting a panic attack ??!
ìm 15 , ive had this 5 times the last year .
other times ppl have calmed me down .
im home alone , what should i do ?:(...

 How dangerous is general anesthesia for asthmatics?

 is there any treatment for breathing problems without taking any medication??

 what is normal airway resistance?

Can you live with half a lung?
My nephew has been saying for years that he has only a half of lung working. I don't believe this as he has been able to walk long distances. I have COPD and know how short of breath i get just walking a few feet so i find it very hard to believe he has only a half lung. He does do breathing treatments when he feels like it and only takes his inhaler when he wants to so could you answer this question for me so i can point it out to him? I believe he is a lier.
Additional Details
But my nephew has never had surgery anywhere at any time.

Phyllis G
Yes you can live with only one lung, maybe only part of his lung is functioning. Ask his parents what the doctor has told them.

Donald P
Yes you can live with half a lung. You have two lungs total in your body and you don't need both of them to go about living.

You can! Sometimes with lungs they do a lobectomy - or remove part of the lung.

You have 5 lobes all together.

Well, the only way he would know would be if he had tests done. If there is tissue that isn't getting oxygen this will cause it to die - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lung_abscess

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