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 How to Be Prepared for an Asthma Attack?

 Athsma pump. Dangerous if you do not have athsma?
A cigarette smoking friend of mine uses it in the morning for his coughin' (coffin) fits....

 serious question?????????
my sister took my nephew to the doctor's office today, she was told that he had his carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide high, but she is so ignorant that she could not get better information for ...

 is anybody having panic attack feeling and tingiling in the back of the head?

 pain in left arm - upper?
my dad is 52 years old, he's been having pain in his upper left arm. it really hurts him, but it's not continuous. it comes and it goes. he's also a smoker, what is this? he also has ...

 Tightness in Chest while exersizing...?
I have tightness in chest while exersizing. This is pretty normal for me, I've never really exersized much. I'm really just lazy. I'm wondering if its just that i'm out of shape ...

 I've had a soar throat for more then a week now...?
And it won't go away, I've tried everything such as:
-gargaling with warm salt water
-using honey in tea
-throat losengers
and i went to the doctor but he didn't ...

 What is a good all-purpose cleaner to use around a COPD patient?
I'm staying with my Dad and Mom for a few days and I want to do some good detailed cleaning around the house while I'm here. However, I don't want to asphyxiate Dad, who has COPD and ...

 wht is the volume of air that is breathed in & out during a normal respiration?

 Oxygen level?
I am on oxygen because my sats were too low in my blood. Can I raise the dosage of oxyen withour it hurting me?...

 i have a little pain in my chest what is it?
I am 20 years old i have a lymth node on my left side near the armpit that hurts. i also feel pain near my sternum. i was recently diagnoised with Hypothrdroism. if answers please ...

 why do you need to asses the patients treatment using bronchodilator drugs before administering nebulizazation

 Marijuana and asthma?
Any one knows of the pros and cons of smoking marijuana for asthma sufferers?...

 what is theophylline toxicity?
my grandmother 62 year old has bad cough with yellowish sputum. astma make her disease worse. after diagnosing the doctor find out that she got pneumonia an give her several medicine -erytromycin,...

 Can asthma keep you awake at night or from sleeping soundly?
I have asthma and I can't seem to stay asleep more than 3 hours! Help! I don't think my meds are working well enough (albuterol, singulair, and Advair). I'm exhausted and it's ...

 when i can find asbestos licnes in mass?
i live in lowell mass and i like to know how ...

 What could be causing my cough?
I have this constant cough. I've been to the doctor and they just tell me I have asthma and give me an inhaler. I've had this cough for about a year and it's really annoying. Sometimes ...

 I have bronchitis Really bad. I was just wondering how to get rid of the symptoms as fast as possible. Thanks
I was recently went to an Urgent Care where they though I had Strep Throat and gave a z-pack. Well after 5 days I just felt worse and went back and he told me that I know have acute bronchitis. I ...

 Sore throat!!!?
Ok I just woke up like an hour ago with screaming throat pain everytime I swollow it painfully tightens and I scream its so bad!!! I am useing the honey tea and cough drops and the numbing cough ...

 hey how is everyone doing?well im having problems wth my neck im posive for tb(Tuberculosis)but it is dormant?
when i feel around my neck i felt a lump about the size of a m&m 3 inches away from my hairline and i did a looking around and found out it was a lymph node thats trying to fight a disease.i ...

Having fun in Cali!
Can you have Bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time?
I'm curious if a person can truly have both pneumonia and bronchitis at the same time? I've been diagnosed with it before, usually very close to each other, or right on top of each other, but a co-worker said it's impossible.

yes , Bronchitis turns into pneumonia and can become double pneumonia. where both lungs are congested
if have these symptoms best see doctor as soon as can

Matt D
Well I know for a fact there is a classification of pneumonia that is called bronchial pneumonia; so what would you call that?

Ms. Taurus ¤Blackhoof Buccaneer¤
I think bronchitis can worsen into pneumonia, so sure.

Yes. Bronchitis is infection in the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs & pneumonia is infection in the lungs. Most ppl who have pnuemonia started out with bronchitis & it went down into the lungs. The bronchitis didn't magically resolve, it got worse & went into pneumonia.

Yes you can get both at the same time. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways while pneumonia is the inflammation of the lung itself. Usually you get the bronchitis first due to exposure to smoke and pollution or inhalation of bacteria from the air. Some of these particles and bacteria then make their way to the lung eventually causing pneumonia.

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