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 how can i pretend i have cystic fibrosis?
i have a project and i have to pretend i have cystic fibrosis in front of the class. also is me having difficulties breathing a good act?...

 chest pains?
Im a jr in high school, 17 years old, and i run cross country. Im looking forward to have a great xc sceason this year, as our team has a very good shot at making states. However, in order for us to ...

 flem in my throat is driving me crazy!?
i have really bad flem in my throat and im freekin annoyed by it!!! anyone have any suggestions....im losin my voice cuz of it...anyone know wut is goin on!!!...

 Sinus problems often Before or while sleeping, solution?
Often before I attempt to sleep my nose will either completely block up or shift blockage from left to right or right to left with a complete blockage during transition,
If I do any amount of ...

 how would u know if u have asthma?
how would u know? some people can just get an asthma attack with no warning so any1 could get it but it makes me think if we had a serious 1 we woulod die b4 ambulance got to person?...

 i get a lot of chest pains and anxiety attacks.?
any advice? I think i might have a panic disorder. I'm not rich and i don't have a job yet. I have no health insurance and would like to know home remedies. T...

 Anti Snoring Medications?
My mate snores terribly. Do you know of any medications that really, really work?
Additional Details
He's tried the strips (but thank you for the idea. The strips don't seem ...

 asthmatic 4 year old who constantly gets coughs?
my son is four and has asthma he has a qvar beclometasone preventer inhaler and also a ventolin inhaler but he constantly gets coughs, most of the time he gets given steroids for it from the doctor ...

 i need asthma tips?
ive had asthma all my life can anyone tell me how to treat it so i wont need any ...

 How many people in the United States have preexisting or chronic conditions?

 statistically, does anyone know of symptoms, that workers that were at 911 suffer from?

 can you name a few lung diseases?
cause my cousins friend has a VERY bad disease, the type that she needs a lung transplant for, and i forgot what it was called......

 I have extensive emphysema,most all activities wear me out should I draw up a living will?

 what are long term side effects of asthma medications?

 Do I still have asthma?
I'm 14 and havent had an asthma attack since I was about 8 but when I exercise during and after I find it hard to breathe out. Does having asthma imply that you must have asthma attacks to go ...

 The Green Mile?
Okay do you know of any questions that remain unanswered in the book? Questions that leave us hanging?

I must come up with ten and so far I only have 1.

How did Paul Edgecomb ...

 Sun makes me ill?
I'm a male14 year old and when i go to school or out in the sun or hot weather i get very bad headaches, can't breath, loose energy.

In school i got so bad that the teacher had ...

 I have laryngitis I also have school tomorrow should the make me go?
I've had it for about 4 days now what do i do?...

 Is it wrong that I called into work cause I had a huge panic attack?
It has lasted for over 4 hours. And it suuuuuuuucks.

I never really miss work, but i could barely talk.

Maybe I just naturally feel guilty.

I wish it would go ...

 A summer cold?
Well my nose was running my dad left me asleep so I couldn't go to school even if I wanted to Im not 100% but I want to go back tommorrow,and I hope im better by saturday what can I do ,Im ...

Keep the Faith...
Can putting salt grains up my nose cure a sinus infection?
I have an antibiotic resistant sinus infection and I put salt grains and salt water up my nose.
Would this kill the bacteria off?
Additional Details
I don't have a cold!!!!!!!!!!
It's a bacteria. Cold is virus.

Just google it!!


Peter J
No, although you can buy a saline solution to use like you would a Vicks Sinex and that is supposed to help but not cure.

Hi, i wouldnt advise that. I would advise you to either go to your pharmacist and get an over the counter nasal spray, or make an appointment with your doctor. Hope it clears up soon for you!

Dr Frank
Unfortunately not, however saline flushes can be used to clear local debris.

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