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 can asthma go or does it just get better then worse?

 if someone has acute emphysema and a small amount of asbestos in lungs is this the reason for the emphysema?

 Is it true that when you stop smoking you health declines?
a friend of mine said that she got severe chest infections which took months to clear up. does this happen to everyone? im curious cause i want to stop.

thanks :-)...

Can pneumonia go away by itself?
Without being treated?

I think probably not. When my son was a baby he had pneumonia twice, and he needed antibiotics, steroids, and oxygen. Pneumonia needs a chest X-ray to be accurately diagnosed, and any health professional, having diagnosed it, would probably feel obliged to treat the illness.

Grumpy Old Man
Only if you consider death is going away.
There are 3 possible causes: Bacteria, virus, or fungi.
World-wide, 1 out of 3 who get it will die, in the US - with treatment - 5% will die.

Sometimes....It depends on what is causing it and factors concerning your immune system. If it is viral induced the chances of it "going away on its own" is high, so long as you get good rest. If it is bacterial induced then the odds of recovering without medication are much lower. Pneumonia is deadly, and you should seek medical care.

Yes. It's just an infection, and your body might fight it off like any other infection. But usually, people with pneumonia are already challenged, with weakened immune systems - so getting the right drugs is very important.

not likely you will no doubt will need rushed to the hospital in a despearte attempt to save yur life and even then you may not survive.

Fred F
Yes, it can often go away without treatment. That is sometimes the most effective "treatment". Antibiotics carry the risk of developing a resistant infection and other side effects, along with some incidence of allergic reaction.

If you have seen a doctor, been diagnosed, and the choice was no treatment follow the instructions you were given INCLUDING getting back in touch in case of fever, increased shortness of breath, and whatever else.

If you haven't seen the doctor it might be pneumonia, but it could also be something else like bronchitis. If it gets worse see a doctor.

Respiratory Therapist

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