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 How do you get bronchitis in the summer time?
I know it is common in the winter, but my kids have it in the summer. What could be causing it?...

 Why is Levaquin still being prescribed?
My brother was given Levaquin for pneumonia. Since then he has been falling, had difficulty urinating, pain in bones and muscles, losing control of bowel and kidney functions, unable to sleep, ...

 how do doctors determine if antibiotics are nesseary when you have a cold?
how do doctors determine taht you have a bacterial infection rather than a viral ...

 Can a mild sore throat be caused by not drinking enough water?

 can u pull a muscle in your chest from coughing?
the upper left side of my chest hurts right above my breast it happened when i was coughing wanna make sure its not my ...

 I'm looking for some.....HELP !!!!!!!!?
I'm trying to stop smoking, any helpful suggestions? the more I try to quit, the MORE I want to smoke, I've tried all the "stop smoking" stuff, no luck. Your prayers will help....

 i have a sore throat and i need to have it better for friday for singing what can i do ?
Pleasee Help

Dont Know What To D...

 how to keep up with so many cpap patients for followups?

 which is more dangerous? second hand cigarette smoke or second hand vehicle exhaust fumes?

 Has anyone had success with commit lozenges?
Someone I love is using them but still has strong cravings after many months. He won't use chantix so please don't suggest that. Not sure how to help him....

 I have a stuffy nose but no medicine at home how do i get rid of it?

 exercising and breathing?
so first off, yes i did search before posting this. what i want to ask though is if someone can have asthma but it be mild enough that you don't notice it. I figure it's just me being out ...

 Types of Smoking?
1. How many cigarettes a day is considered light smoking?

2. How many cigarettes a day is considered heavy smoking?

3. How many cigarettes a day is considered chain smoking?

 What are some treatments for sleep apnea?
My boyfriend has sleep apnea and snores. It has gotten progressively worse. I am not sure what to do. it seems when i elbow him, he stops temporarily but not long enough for me to fall alseep. It ...

 Some natural remedy for the cough?
My little sister has and no one medicament is the solution for her until now, if you know someone tell me, please....

 What's the difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier?
which one is better, which one do you recommend?
Additional Details
it's for my 2yr old son....

 Ex smokers....?
What is the one piece of advice or tip you would give to someone who is wanting to quit? What worked for you when YOU quit smoking?...

 Smoke over Florida?
Has anyone heard how much longer this disgusting smoke will continue to linger? I find it hard to even have any desire to go outside, I was looking forward to the warm May weather. It cleared up ...

 asthma and bronchitis?
whats the difference between asthma and bronchitis? i'm diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, but only have attacks when the pollen count is high.
and i've always heard asthma victims can ...

 Is fatigue after a panic attack normal?
after a panic attack for up to an hour i feel really tired and just dont wanna do anything. is this from the panic attack or possibly depression?...

Patrick Bateman
Are the effects of cocaine reversible???
If you stop after having chest pains??? I went to the doc had an ekg and had lungs checked they said I was ok, I've done it like 7 or 8 more times in like a one year period and now have stopped for goo but sometimes I wonder if it's too late

Chest pain is not normal or healthy...consider this: pain is caused by a lack of oxygen to the tissues. There is a risk of sudden death with this type of drug use, would you mind a physician prescribing a drug like that for your recreational use with that as a side effect? Maybe not. Damage assessment may not be important if you do not stay clean, but a life style that does not include harming yourself can perhaps heal what has already taken place

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