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About secondhand smoke?
If you do your best not to smoke in front of anyone, what are the chances that someone will breathe in your secondhand smoke?

For example, I do my best to only smoke in private places when no one is around. I never smoke around my girlfriend. What's the likelihood that she could be affected by my smoking? Bare in mind that the smoke does get trapped in my clothes and stuff...

Please help. Thanks.

chances are 5 of 10!
stop smoking

Mr. Lee
I do the same as you and there should be no negative effects for anyone else but you. The stink in the clothes just makes us smell bad, it's not a health danger.


NEWS FLASH! She's smoking 2 packs a day behind your back!

laura seeks the Kwisatz Haderach
Stop smoking...

well it helps alot if you dont smoke around people, but they still could breath it in i guess if its in your clothes...

Actually my doctor had suggested (since i was dead set on smoking after i had my son) to wear a separate jacket specifically when i smoke. Nicotine sticks to everything and is harmful no matter how it is inhaled. It is also absorbed through skin which is why i was reminded to wash my hands constantly.

My best suggestion is to quit i did and have been smoke free for 2 yrs. no more worry of harming myself or anyone else.

she most likely (95%) chance wont be effected by it and im not trying to be rude or an *** but if she does get effected and dies who's gonna suffer you or her so yeah something to think about especially sense you the smoker man just quit its better for you and her any questions www.myspace.com/soccer1794 or email at sockylsim@aol.com thanks good luck

Free Falling
I admire your consideration for your gf's health I wish you had as much for yourself :(

I am not sure the logistics of second hand smoke but you're right it's in your hair, clothes, and skin and it goes wherever you go.

I don't know how significant your attempts are honestly. I got bronchitis from years of second hand smoke.
Doctors always ask me if I smoke, it's so insulting to a person who chose not to.

Kissing might be an issue you haven't thought of... I wish I knew more to give a more definitive answer but it's all guessing for me.

Anyways I would just ask you to consider thinking more about sticking around for your gf and give quitting a shot.

Tasha S
Very Unlikely.

Your girlfriend will most likey not be affected by the smoke that has set in your clothes, unless she smells you deeply. The worst second hand smoke is direct contact. For example, if you smoked right beside her and she breathed it in straight on, that would affect her. But your being smart and careful about where you smoke and it's kind to think about the health of others. The best and most effective way to ensure your not effecting your GF, is to quit smoking. But, that
s totally up to you.

Good Luck and Keep Safe! :)

Since you try to avoid smoking in front of these people then it is very unlikely that they will be affected by your second hand smoke. Unless you were to do something such as, blow smoke into some ones face, have a conversation with someone while smoking, or being near someone that is smoking they will not be affected by your second hand smoke.
I hope this can help : )

if nobody is around when you smoke then nobody breathes your 2nd hand smoke in, but the smell of smoke that clung to your clothes can still irritate people especially those with allergic rhinitis. most probably they will start sneezing and have runny nose.

i don't think you have anything to worry about , that amount of smoke really wont do any harm , but why don't you try to quit smoking

You sound like a really considerate guy. I hope other smokers see this and take your example.

The effect on her should be Zero, as you say only the smell.

I take it you are worried that she might get Lung Cancer. Did you know Smoking, or Passive Smoking does not account for all cases of Lung Cancer. Anyone can get it, also not all Smokers get Lung Cancer, Females for example only increase their risk after menopause.

Yin K
well if you smoke and then dont see her for an hour or some time then thatll be fine. i mean there are so much cancer causing agents in the air from machinery and such all around us. if you keep doing whtat your doing(not smoking around her) im pretty sure she'lll be getting way more second hand smoke being away from you at her job out grocery shopping or whatever than being with you. if you catch my drift

wilson w
It's nice that you care.

I'll spare you the lecture about how you shouldn't smoke at all. You're definitely taking precautions to try to make sure that your smoking doesn't affect your loved ones. The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke are most highly concentrated in the actual smoke.

If your loved ones are only breathing the smoke via your clothing, the effects should be minimal. The most likely effects would be itchy eyes, etc...not lung cancer.

My intelligence > yours
If you don't smoke around her she wont be affected by it.

Bill H
well if shes or anyone else is not around you while you are smoking they cant get second hand smoke, and im pretty sure you cant get it from the clothes someone who smoked was wearing

Dillon B
well the smoke can only espace at 1 time so its like real quick so she wont be affected by it

Nobody has ever died from this secondhand smoke. It's all in people's heads. They just think they'll die. They'll die from stressing over it, before anyone dies from smoking. It's called being a hypochondriac. Their are plenty of them around too.
So to answer your question. There is no chance of your girlfriend being affected by yours or anyone else smoking.
My husband is 41, and he grew up in bowling allys, bars, and had 2 parents who chain smoked, and now has a wife who smokes, and he is one of the healthiest people I know. He also has 2 siblings that smoke too. So by everyone's definition, he should be dead by now from second hand smoke. But he's still around. Why, because he's not a hypochondriac.

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