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 Sore mucles :(?
I have been having muscles spasms all day, and it got worse during dance that both legs cramped up and I all most fell on the floor. Especillay when i was doing the point part of a cross ball- change ...

 my cramps are so bad!! help me make them hurt less?
i always have really painful cramps when i'm on my period. sometimes i don't even get out of bed for 1 or 2 days b.c they hurt sooo bad. i got checked out from school today because they ...

 terrible pain in my jaw and teeth. any ideas?
I have had a BAD pain in my jaw (right where it opens) feels like I have a tooth ache in all my lower teeth. The weird thing is it is mostly in my left side. No other symptoms. I have bad sinus ...

 what is this pill? it's white oval and has r180 on it?

 Having constant headaches and eye pain on right side only. Please Help!?
For a couple of weeks now, I have been having constant headaches and eye pain on my right side. I've ignored it as something temporary but the pain keeps on coming and even when I take pain ...

 my left pinky and ring finger are numb what could this be?
my palm is as well below the fingers.im 36
Additional Details
i have had this for 1month.i go to the dr next tue....

 Where would you place a pillow if a client has back and hip pain?
I'm studying for the massage national exam and I need to know this ...

 What can you do to prevent leg cramps/charley horses?
I get severe leg cramps/charley horses in my upper thigh. I was wondering if there was a way to prevent them. They come on without warning, usually in the middle of the night, and it can take up to ...

 I have a needle stuck in my throat!!! Help!!!?
Okay, so my old buddy Philip (I say old buddy, because he is no longer my buddy.) dared me to swallow a needle. He says lots of people have done it before, and been fine. So I did it, head first. And ...

 anybody have any adivce?
well, i havent told one of my ex'z that i am going out with someone else..and well yeah. could someone tell me what to say?...

 a family member has pain in the left hand side of here stomace and vomiting what could cause that?

 I was diagnosed a year ago with fibramyalgia a chronic illness that affects the muscles,mainly the large muscl
My doctor has told me to take omega three and eat lots of fish which I do anyways. He prescribes tylenol threes for pain. Does anyone know and alternative pain remedy. Some days I cannot even walk Im ...

 Help im in a lot of pain, what is it?
so ive woken up from excruciating pain in my left lower back. i had the same problem but in my right lower back the other night.
Its a really sharp pain every time i breath in i feel physically ...

 Is it better to take asprin or ibuprofen?

 Last night in the middle of the night my leg started cramping horrificly?
and it hurts when i walk on it? Why does it or does it hurt just from the cramping? If so what cause these cramps?...

 Dirrhea, Stomach pains.. help?
It all started one day, i randomly got the runs. They're so bad, and i can't leave the toilet for like ever. Then i was on the bus to the mall when these sharp pains beside my belly button ...

 i am feeling really bad and in pain?
wen i have a wee i get a really bad pain down below,n also i keep gettin really bad pain that keeps goin on n off in my stomach every few seconds like cramp but i am not due for my period.pliz help ...

 What could be causing a bad pain on the right side of my stomach?
This pain started on bottom of the right side of my stomach now it already running all the way to the top. I have no insurance to see a doctor but if the pain continues im going to the Er. Im also ...

 Why is this happening?
I am having very dull pains when I rub around the cracks of my arms around my elbow, my cracks around my legs around my knees, and where my legs meet my upper body. Why is this happening? It started ...

If I have a spine problem, what does the chiropractor do to my back? I heard that they stand on you, put weights on it, and do acupuncture. Is that true? If not what do they do?...

why is my finger soar?
ever since one day that i sore my engagement ring on my finger over night and woke up with my finger soar and numb...i am now having issues. I will wake up with my finger soar and numb when i open and close and throughout the day now to. Is there some medical issue that i should know about from the cause of this???
Additional Details
ok you guys...i mean sore! i have put on some weight but i do not wear the ring all the time because of this issue. I have never had this problem until i fell asleep with it. I do have diabetes and i am not sure if that has anything to do with it.

you used the wrong "sore"

maybe your finger was so astounded by your terrible terrible spelling and grammar?


Maybe the engagement ring doesn't fit right and you need a bigger one that fits your finger.

maybe it just doesn't fit..?

Troll B
Are you still weraing hte ring ?, if so it sounds like the ring is to small its to tight and cutting of the cerculation.
If you took the ring of and did not put it on another finger it is possible your are allergic to the material the ring is made of.

Carmela SpanishChica
Soar? Does it have wings?

it engagement ring might be too tight on your finger, causing the circulation to stop flowing smoothly. this will definitely make your finger sore.

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