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 I'm wanting to fix my back, would a yoga class or a chiropractor be the best? ?

 Back pain 24/7?
Have had lower back pain neck pain and now has gone in to my arm's and legs and seen so many Doctors but none know what it is , Been told RSDS/Fibro to many other things i can't even walk ...

 Could this be a gullblatter attack? my stomach hurts after eating!!help please!?
ok for a few weeks now after i eat something my stomach will hurt ( like cramps almost) and last for a while!! i have started eating less (due to my add medication) do you think this is why?
i ...

 how do you break a wrist or arm or ankle today?
To answer this question follow the steps one bye one. This well make my hole christmas happy. No matter how gay or werid or stuped this is plz answer.

1.answer with a good answer

 Has anyone ever bought perscription drugs over the internet without a script?
I have always wondered if id get in any kind of trouble for the puchase. what is the best and/or cheapest site/link?...

 menstrual cramps!?
i get really really really bad menstrual cramps. on worst cases, it is accompanied by diarrhea. sometimes i feel like fainting already. the severity differs every month but bottom line is, it's ...

 upset stomach everytime i eat and whats it called when you bruise really easily?
everytime i eat something no matter if its fruit or anything my stomach hurts and then relaxs once i use the bathroom anybody know the cause?

whats it called when like you bruise easily ...

 Asanas for mid-back pain?
Does anyone have any tips on asanas that relieve mid-back pain?...

 what exercises strengthen the lower back?
Recently I have been having lower backaches, this backache range from the spine to the sides of my lower back and the upper buttock. The backache is sometimes so painful I can’t bend my back or canâ...

 help with pain of carpal tunnel Please?
okay this is my story...Hi, My name is Megan. I have been having wrist problems for sometime now. I am 17 and ever since 8th grade I my wrist have always hurt on and off and now it doesn't stop. ...

 Knee pain from running...?
I use to run a basic mile a day and loved it until my knees started hurting. Some said check the shoes-possibly collapsing arches, lack of thigh muscles....what're your thoughts?...

 how do you heal a sprained ankle its inhibiting my running and basketball tried ice and anti inflamation pills

 stopping neurontin?
I have been taking neurontin for about 3 months now for migraine prevention (300mg 3x day). I wish to stop using it as the side effect are yucky. Anyone else stopped it before? What is the best ...

 Pain medication......?
What is the best way to cut back on the oxycodone medication I take (have script) without feeling withdrawls?
Should I hold off as long as possible until I can not take the crappy feeling ...

 Are there any honest places to buy hospital bed cover?
Going crazy here trying to decide how to get a hospital bed mattress cover. The mattress cover must be something that fits to the body, is quiet, and does not slip and slide. I am like a pig that has ...

 my shoulder blade hurts really bad, i dont know why. my friend says i probably slept wrong.?
i think i actually did sleep wrong, because i slept on my arm. but, i usually sleep on my arm. what should i do? it hurts SOO bad!...

 How can i get rid of these horrible headaches i get on near my temple( around my eye)?
sometimes i feel like throwing up, and im only 16...

 I would like to know who all out there is on the Fentylnal patch???
I am a chronic pain person due to scoiliosis and i am just wondering???????????????...

 how can l prevent'jig-saw puzzle stiff-neck'?

 it seems I'm allergic to hydrocodone and anti inflammatorys and most muscle relaxants 15 years now?
my back is bad ive almost lost all my disks im scared to ask the dr to go up to a c11 narcotic as he doesent know me too long. i have been overseas almost nearly 13 years and have mostly had to deal ...

vicki t
white oblong pill with m366 on it. Can anyone help identify it?

Any Pharmacist can. Look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages. :)

7.5 hydro codone pain pill

vicki get your pills together because u seem to keep mixing them up? go to drugs.com and sort out all your pills so u dont accidently take the wrong thing

Look in the Web MD site on the medication info

Acetaminophen (325 MG ) , Hydrocodone Bitartrate (7.5 MG ). It's basically a pain pill and a controlled substance. Make sure not to mix your pain pills with your other medications. Drug-drug interactions can be very dangerous!

Ridin The Storm Out
Hi- You can do a search on pillidentification.com
Once you figure out the medication, go to pdrhealth.com
this site lists meds in alphabetical order, and tells what the medication is used for, it's effects, etc. Hope this helped. Good luck and take care!

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