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 Is it bad to actually like pain? Physical pain exactly?
i'm not addictied to cuttin or anythin! but i did it! :D
for some reason i jus love it........seriously no lie. but i don't go around damaging myself on purpose. it's jus ...

 a pain in my neck that wont go away, can anyone help?
this happend after i washed my hair. i was trying to get it a little dryer by shaking my head.. sort of like how a dog does... then i felt and heard a crack on the right side of my neck lol...then ...

 Today in the locker room a kid jammed a Q-Tip into my ear. What should I Do?
when he did it it went in further than i usualy do when i clean my ears but it wasn't real far in. It hurt for the most of the hour, but later it only hurt when i would do an "inside burp&...

 i took 15mg vicodin on sat afternoon for pain and i had a piss test this morning (thurs) am i gonna fail?

I have recently been having migraines. I made an appointment with a dr. but I am not sure what to expect. Migraines run in my family. What are they caused from? What should I expect the dr. to do ...

 was that supposed to hurt?
today a glass window fell on my head and broke onmy head. i barely felt it. it was wierd though. is window glass thin?...

 I am Color Gaurd which spin flags. I noticed a sharp pain in my wrist when I move it or my little finger. HELP?
I have hurt my wrist when I was little but didn't get anything done to it. Please HELP!
Additional Details
I heart when I was little in a lawn mower accident and never got it ...

my friend stapled a nazi logo to me and now i wont stop bleeding
help me please we took it off and took out the staple it wont stop bleeding and now im vomiting blood wat do i do?...

 My doctor won't give me migraine medication?
I have migraines a lot. I go to the doctor and tell him about the headaches, and he checks my BP (which is really high because of the pain), and gives me BP medication. I need something for the ...

 can you still work out when your still sore?
im sore from yesterday wok out ad i need to know if its healthy to continued to work out today even when im sore or do i have to wait till the sore is gone?...

 my back hurts...?
in the center/left side of my back i have a very sharp pain. i think it may be a pinched nerve, but im not sure. i would go to the doctor, but i have no insurance. sometimes the pain is so bad that ...

 stomachache after eating,why?

 I was hit from the rear in an auto accident. Now I have head, neck and back pain. What kind of doctor do?
I need to see? Do I need a chiropractor or neurologist? I don't know??
Additional Details
I really appreciate everyone's answers thank you. I don't have a primary doctor ...

 What could it be?
I've got this thing on the back of my head on the left side under my hair. It started out as a small knot that kind of hurt. Now after a few days it's a big bump that hurts so bad. Should I ...

 I've had Migraines for 3 years and counting, know of anything that'll really work?
I've had Anti-Depressants, Anti-Psychotics, Anti-Inflammatories, all the Triptans, Visteril, Toradol, Tramadol, Axert, Vikadin (which I can now take 5 of before I feel anything, than puke), C...

 percocet and vicoden?
can you take them at the same time?...

 I have a really bad headache?

 What hurts more braces or spacers?
My daughter just got 16 spacers (8 on top and 8 on bottom) She wants to know what will hurt more. Shell get her braces in a week. She said the spacers don't really hurt (but she can take a great ...

 17 yr old, pain in chest - breathing?
hi im a 17 year old female and the last 2 days i have been experiencing a slight pain in my chest when i breathe. the pain is not there for every breath i take. but feels worse when i take a deep ...

 Backache problem?
I've had a backache for over a month now, not bad enough to keep me down but just plain annoying. My question is since my back has been bothering me it seems like I have been very tense, just ...

what is the best way to get pain killers prescribed by a doctor?
I get my period SO SO SO bad. the Pain is intense and I tried to explain this to my doctor, but he keeps giving me the run around, and making me feel like a druggie, and I AM FAR FROM IT. but i know that while on my period and only at this time is when i need it. what doctor should i turn to?

Well, because there are so many people abusing pain meds now a days it will be difficult for you to get any. Try using mitol or advil. I doubt any doctor will give you pills for cramps.

See another doctor, or create a new symptom. Back pain. Terrible terrible back pain. Lower back.
They can't prove it doesn't hurt even if they can prove its ok.

another one

tell the pain again and he will give it to u

Sean M
if you describe the pain then there might be a specific type of painkiller to use but otherwise use anything containing ibuprofen or codeine but not too much or else!

Sir Hoochalot
Change your doctor.

Just for your information, we can and do tell if someone is really in pain or just pretending. Especially in back pain. There are a couple of tests we do which, if responded to in a certain way, show us that this person is indeed faking. But in your case I would see a gyno. They are more likely to understand the pain and give you something for it. In these days of electronic record keeping, providers are a little leery of giving out narcotics. We could be investigated or worse.

Talk to an ob/gyn about getting on one of those birth control pills that reduces periods. My friend used to have severe PMS with horrible cramps, but since she switched to one of the new pills it's all gone away.

go see an ob-gyn. he or she would be better able to give you suggestions as to what you can take to relieve the pain.

lisa p.
see another doctor. ppl do get prescribe medicine for intense cramps. he is just an *** h@le

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