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 Should I see a doctor for this?
I have been having sharp chest pains and back pains for about a week now. They cause me to have shortness of breath and usually are very sharp pains, especially when I jump or run. I don't know ...

 migraines and diaria?
hey im in 7th grade and on sunday we has a buffay and i ate some food then we got home i slept for a while then i woke up in the night told my mom i was feeling bad she took my temperature it was 108 ...

 aching back and higher ribs?
iv had a aching back for bout 2months now and yesterday iv started having aching brusing pain in my ribs just under my armpits, off 2 docs on monday but anyone got any ideas waht it is or what to do?...

 Does anyone suffer from fibromyalgia, and if so what methods of treatment are you following. Or is there any.?

 how bad does a foot tattoo hurt? ?
i have 3 tattoos. the one on my lower back hurt so bad and i was just wondering how bad a foot tattoo hurt compared to the lower back....

 I'm seeing a pain specialist today for DDD,bulgin disc,protruding disc,cervical arthritis how might he help?
I have been in alot of pain for over a month now with pain radiating down my right arm. I'm wondering if anyone has had any relief with injections?...

 whats the constant fluttering feeling in my calf?
i have a constant fluttering feeling in my left calf and its also a feels a little bruised. i just want t know what it is!...

 Headaches in the morning.?
Why do i get headaches in the morning, i wake up with a headache, not the greatest feeling to have on a saturday morning, and no i wasnt drinking the night before lol


 is your knuckles spost to hurt when you play guitar?
is your knuckles spost to hurt when you play guitar?...

 My wire is stuck inside my cheek what should I do it hurts.?
Well today when I was eating the wire went into my cheek and I had a really huge pain.PLEASE HELP....

 It hurts so bad I want to cry?
I have been coughing constantly for the past two days. I have bronchitis, have been to the dr, and been put on cough medicine that isn't really working. All the coughing gives me a horrible ...

 Pain in my left breast area that comes and goes?
I am 28.. had a complete heart workup before.. but this pain is near the right side of my left beast and the top or near the nipple.. it doesnt last long but comes at the most random times and is ...

 Can you imagine pain?
Lets say sombody thought they had lung cancer really bad, Could they get to the point where they imagaine pains coming from that area but really they don't. Cab it ...

 terrible back pains?
I turned 14 a few months ago and have been growing alot,
im not sure if its a contributing factor but for the past week or so
my back has been acting weird. I randomely get these jolts of ...

 Please help??? I am in pain!!?
i have a bad headache!! i don't have a fever, no strep throat, nothing!! what can it be??...

 Why does pain get much worse about one minute after taking painkiller?
Recovery takes about half an hour. The problem is IBS and the tablets are codeine and aspirin....

 In Absolute Agony! Please Help....?
Ok, so I wore new shoes yesterday and they caused me to have VERY sore feet & I formed water blisters on my pinky toes. I burst them lastnight with a sterilized needle & all was fine. Few ...

 Gallstones or stomach ulcer?????
i have been having pain recently on my upper right side tummy sometimes i feel the pain when i was sitting down or when im sleeping on my right side and i will also sometimes feel nausea after eating....

 Have you ever taken Tramadol as a pain killer..?
did you have any side affects from it..?...

 I think I broke my pinky toe. My husband said he has broken his and the doctor said he could just let it heal?
on it's own. Is this true? I have a doctor's appointment in about a week so I can have it looked at then. I don't know that I can get in to see anyone until then. Does anyone who has ...

what is the best thing to do about lower back pain?

Try medical massage therapy. It worked for me!

I suffer from severe scoliosis and TRUST ME, i KNOW about lower back pain. In fact, i had to have my lumber fused last yr. If i were you i would go to a good ortho dr. or spine specialist and get some x-rays done or an MRI and find out NOW what is going on bc the longer you wait the worse it gets.....................

Curly Sue
Let someone give you massage. Put an heating pad to your back. Take some Aleve for the pain. Go the doctor and let them do an X-Ray.

Yogi Master
You may need an adjustment from a chiropractioner. But you should rest, if you are overweight then you need to drop pounds off the gut to lesson the strain on the lower back, and walking is supposed to be excellent for backs. So get some nice tennis shoes and do a lot of walking on a non concrete surface Then when you think your back is better you should strengthen it with core exercises like sit ups and other back exercises.

First find the cause.
A few causes in my case.
1. Computer seat not good. Siting in it for more than 2 hours in a stretch gives me severe lower back pain.
Solution: get up, walk every hr, a couple of stretches too.

2. Bike / Car shock absorbers not good.
Solution: Do not ride it until repaired. The last time I rode a bike without proper shocks, I had a severe lingering back pain for 1 week before it went away on its own.

3. Any other official doctor terminology: The doctor will tell you what to do.

Posture is important. If you have a chair in which you can bend back a lot, straighten the posture and make it stiff. You will find a big difference in back pain in 1 week.

The best regarding prophylaxis against low back aches is to have strong back muscles
The best regarding treatment is to diagnose the cause of this pain and treatment is directed toward this cause

Go to the doctor, tell him signs and symptoms, he ca do tests, xray or MRI to find out what's causing back pain then request for outpatient Physical Therapy referral where they can manage your back pain and teach you proper body mechanics, stretching and exercises to strengthen your back.

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