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 I have been taking 2 vicodin every morning for 2 years for chronic back pain. They don't help at all anymore.
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 what are ways to avoid your appendix bursting?

Additional Details
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 Back Pain Near Back Dimples, Going to Florida tomarrow! HELP!!!?
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 what is wrong with my feet?
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 I hv problem of stomach-ache evevryday,?
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 My ears pop constantly. Is this normal?
Is it something to be worried about?
Additional Details
Nope, all my life. Not just lately....

 what does hrb stand for?
what does it?...

 My mother's legs keeps on cramping/locking up resulting in horrific pain?
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 I've been having these awful headaches for a week now,whats wrong?
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 Can suppressing pain and anger hurt u?
u c, i suppress most of my pain and anger since
2 years. I suppress like 90% of anger. And i dont
express any percent i think. My anger is fiery
like a volcano, but i dont want to harm ...

Elizabeth (the jewish princess)
terrible back pain: lots of knots mostly all in lower back?
My back pain is getting so bad it is disrupting my entire life and I am way to young for this, I have pain medication and such, but all of that does no good after a while, plus who wants to live on that stuff forever, these knots hurt so bad to be massaged when I do get them rubbed out it feels like yellow jackets are stinging me over and over, I went for a professional massage and I was crying through the whole thing, she felt them all and she was barely rubbing them hardly at all anyway, I wake up crying, almost every morning, I haven't slept in my bed in over 5 month's, I bought a chair from pier 1 so that I can sleep at 120* degrees and then I'm ok, but that cause other problems. So when I can reach one of these knots like I did yesterday that was so painful, I have a hand held massager and I work it into the knot it hurts like hell but I keep twisting it and just working it out (crying so hard in the meantime) after I couldn't take it anymore, I went in the bathroom and looked at it and was rubbing it because it was all red and hot and then it started filling up with liquod (my whole lower back) not a lot but the whole area I was working on. And it was so red and hot and yeah I guess swollen, well then I just took some ibprofen and put some ice on it (indirectly) but I mean this was just one knot, I have about 20-25 of these up and down my spine all over my back I have to keep my pain meds which I'm now on 12 methadone a day I have to set my alarm about 1/2 hour before I get up for the day to take my first dose. I can't even believe I'm taking such medication this strong and the bad thing is-is it's not even strong enough I mean the pain is so bad, I've had the MRI that's how this started with a couple bulging disk c-4 c-7 and some degenerated disk's these are all just due to bad years of cheerleading falls and gymnastics and such but then these crazy knot things came just in the last year and the research I've been doing has lead me to "Calcium Deposits" does anyone know anythig about this? Anyway I'm sorry this is so long, if your one of my friends/contacts you know I write long questions and well answers, please if anyone has any suggestios I am all ears please I am begging a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, anyone see's this or someone who can help please? I'm running out of places to look here, thank you so much in advance, you guys who are my contacts/friends no that I write long questions/answers so thank you for taking the time to read this have a good nigt best wishes Elizabeth ;-D
Additional Details
thanks boys as you can both tell I'm up with insomnia due to the pain it's almost 4am here in America thanks Hak111ha the (111) in your avatar name are very signifigant to me, it's a good thing: I will try that it seems like it requires a little practice to get it right, and Colin, they never went away there just worse now, when I move around more, Yeah I'll talk to you later about that with surgery last yr,but thanks you guys,

Hi Elizabeth

sorry to hear this has come back again. Do the lumps come and go? If so they are unlikley to be calcium deposits as thee would be permanent. If they are calcium deposits maybe they are presurising some nerves. An operation to remove them would be complex too.

I will have a think about it and email you later

Marilyn T
Hi, you have some great answers on this post. I agree that it may be stress related.
I also tense up when under pressure.
i have seen doctors many years ago and nothing really helped that they recommened. What I have found to work miracles is my daily yoga practice.
You don't have to be flexable to get benifits from yoga or some other sort of daily strecthing.
Most women seem to carry allot of tension in their neck and shoulder areas while men do so in their hips.
It is a daily battle to relax but well worth the time and effort to take an hour or so for yourself and breath and relax.

Hi Elizabeth.
So sorry to hear your having such trouble with Back Pain you seem to be in a lot of pain and I only wish I could make it all better for you princess. Hope this bit of info will help you. And I will be thinking of you and wishing you all better real soon

The lower back is mainly composed of muscles which envelope and connect to the spine. The spine is a column made up of generally circular bones known as the vertebrae. Between each vertebra are tough elastic discs which allow the spine adequate flexibility. Fibrous ligaments connected to each nearby vertebra also work to support and strengthen the spine. The muscles that surround the spine help it accomplish a wide range of motion.

It is important to maintain regular everyday activities despite the discomfort. Although this may initially prove difficult because of the pain, increasing one’s range of motion incrementally can be bearable if not overdone.

Relieve your lower back pain, hip and leg pains by keeping your knees comfortably apart and ensuring your legs are in natural alignment with your pelvis when sleeping on your side.

Acute lower back pain, even if severe, is normally not considered critical.
• Recovery from lower back pain is a speedy process taking as little as a week.
• Although nerve root pain and prolapsed (‘slipped’) discs are an uncommon occurrence, they usually heal by themselves without requiring surgery.

• Keeping active as much as possible and continuing with routine everyday activities such as going to work, will hasten recovery from lower back pain. Limiting movement and doing little exercise will only increase the risk of developing chronic symptoms.

• Should the pain be severe, initial rest may be necessary, but incremental movement is encouraged for a speedier recovery – something that constant bed rest will not provide. Warming up the muscles through motion is preferable to having them stiffen up from long periods of immobilization.

• Bearing some measure of pain and discomfort may be necessary while returning to everyday activities. Simple lower back pain will not be aggravated by movement. In fact, constant activity will help prevent the development of chronic long-term symptoms.
• Regular use of painkillers can alleviate the pain during the recovery period.

• If pain worsens or continues for more than 4 to 6 weeks, or if other uncommon symptoms develop, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

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