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 What's wrong with my arm?
I know this is gross but on my left arm I can see my veins through my skin, like they're sort of bigger than they were before or something. I can feel them too its totally gross. its only on my ...

 long standing back the pain run all the way down to my foot no rest bite what so ever please hrlp?
the pain to the is some what numb when go down to the foot it remine of a cold winters day when your foot is frozzen and you are wainting for it to defoze....

 What is the cure for leg cramps painful food and solution?

 white oblong pill with m366 on it. Can anyone help identify it?

 I have fibromyalgia,when I walk the outside of my calves ache terribly any suggestions on stretches?
I've been batteling this for 3 years and my weight gain has been 65lbs since. The fatigue is another affect from the fibro....

 Backache remedies? Bad back pain?
What is something that I can do for my backache? I pulled a muscle between my should blades and it really hurts. It keeps sending jolts of pain down my arms clear to my elbows. I don't want to ...

 best way to get rid of tense shoulders?
without going for a massage or getting a person to massage for you....

 side cramps?
Ok so after i ran 2 miles i had this aweful pain in my side, ya know like a running cramp, but it was so bad i was in trears. then later in the day i was walking up some stairs and got a milder pain ...

 yoga for neck and back pain?

 Piriformis muscle Pain
I have been to my PCP over 15 times about my Buttocks pain. He has referred me to numerous places including massage therapist that have done massage/ultra sound/ting. Nothing has worked. The only ...

 Major stomach pains.?
Okay, I'm 13 years old and a little before my period I'm having these major stomach pains, it feels like someone is punching my stomach, and their isn't and over the counter pain ...

 I have always had headaches all my life but for the last three weeks I have had a non stop migraine. ?
I have been to the hospital got a ct scan everything was fine they put me on vicodine which made it worse so then I went to my family doctor he gave me two shots that made the migraine go away but my ...

 what is the reason for my severe heel pain and burning sensation on my foot?
I m having severe heel pain for that past 3 months. Especially in the early morning. what is the reason for this and how do i treat this....

 Help for migraine!?
My Daughter came home from school Thursday and complained that she couldnt see properly and had been getting told off cos she couldnt see her work. Diagnosed by optician as a migraine but that was 4 ...

 I'm wanting to fix my back, would a yoga class or a chiropractor be the best? ?

 Back pain 24/7?
Have had lower back pain neck pain and now has gone in to my arm's and legs and seen so many Doctors but none know what it is , Been told RSDS/Fibro to many other things i can't even walk ...

 Could this be a gullblatter attack? my stomach hurts after eating!!help please!?
ok for a few weeks now after i eat something my stomach will hurt ( like cramps almost) and last for a while!! i have started eating less (due to my add medication) do you think this is why?
i ...

 how do you break a wrist or arm or ankle today?
To answer this question follow the steps one bye one. This well make my hole christmas happy. No matter how gay or werid or stuped this is plz answer.

1.answer with a good answer

 Has anyone ever bought perscription drugs over the internet without a script?
I have always wondered if id get in any kind of trouble for the puchase. what is the best and/or cheapest site/link?...

 menstrual cramps!?
i get really really really bad menstrual cramps. on worst cases, it is accompanied by diarrhea. sometimes i feel like fainting already. the severity differs every month but bottom line is, it's ...

stomach pain, lower back pain, and nausea?
This has lasted for about a month, and I'm not sure what could be wrong with me. Any ideas?

The Eagle Keeper
Kidney infection? UTI? These might be the problem. When you say lower back problem combined w/ nausea I thought of that. I could be very wrong. All everyone will say is that you need to see a DR asap. Don't let these symptoms persist as they may be a prelude to something a whole lot worse.

kayla k
go to the doctor, only way to know for sure. hopefully your not pregnant

enchanted mermaid
I had that and it was my gall bladder If you have any lecithin around take a bunch of it It will dissolve them or use a product called Stone free from whole foods etc..it gets rid of kidney stones and gall stones

you cant really overdose on lechithin so take a bunch and if you feel better in an hour or so it might be that

a faster way is to take 1/2 cup of olive oil mixed with some lemon juice...ugh but it works

of course it could be something else also but that combination especially with back pain thrown in might just be the gall bladder good luck

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