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should i call my doctor??
Hi, im 14 years old. I had a lumbar spinal fusion 8 weeks ago and recently I have been dizzy in the morning when I get out of bed. I also have seen black patches if I lay down to long and get up (I get up slowly). I also fell this morning after a got out of bed (this had happened a few times). Thankfully, my bed was right next to me.
I just saw my surgeon yesterday and never mentioned this to him. Should I bother him by calling him?
Current medications are Tylenol, ibuprofen, and lyrica.

What do you think!!!

Tiffany B
yes of course call your doctor....even if its nothing at least youll know its nothing and can feel better about it but if its something then youll know and it can be treated or fixed

Yes, you should call your doctor. It wouldnt be "bothering him". If your seeing black patches and getting dizzy when you get up It could be serious.

a m
Yes Definitely!!
He's the professional only he can tell you whats going wrong! and decide of you dhould of bothered hime but i think he may be glad if you call!!
Good luck!

Yes, ASAP. Tell your parents. You are always better safe then sorry. Good luck.

P.S. ASAP means now!!!

Maybe you should just wait, if it lasts till next Day, call him

Yes you need to call your doctor. It could be anything and maybe most likely dehydration but better safe than sorry.

Call your doc. You may have low blood sugar and need to get up a little more slowly when getting out of bed. That happened to me once upon a time my doc said it was normal. But talk to yours it may be related to your surgery.

YES! anything to do with the spine could possibly damage things that would cause these symptoms. call him and get over there fast--theres a reason they have follow up appointments

jonny o!
I'm no doctor but id go on its better to be safe than sorry.

Kari M
I would definitely call your doctor. Actually at age 14, you should tell your Mom or Dad and they should call the doctor.
It can't hurt. It may be a side effect of the lyrica. I have had similar side effects from meds so that would be my first guess. Good Luck and take care!

Yes definitly!! I will be praying for you e-mail me if you need more prayer!!! God is great.,

i dont understand why you wouldnt have told your doctor that. no matter how short the fall was is could be considered Blunt (Internal Bruising) or Penetrating Trauma (going through the skin) but since you havent mentioned any injuries you can always experience Blunt Trama depending on the fall. especially if you are that weak. you need to tell him. not saying you do but any kind of fall could result in internal injuries depending on how you fell. the fact that you see black patches is not good at all. call him immediately

yea you should and i'm sure it wouldn't bother him take it in a good way, if he can help people with interesting problems and helps them..it helps him to becouse he gets paid more

samantha renee&#39;
Yes hunnie you should most deff. tell him about it, that is very serious and i know how you feel i have migranes and i kept qiuet for along time then i spoke up and now we are on the path to making it better! I really think that you should talk to him about it because if you dont hunnie it will only get worse, also you should tell you parents to!!

You need to tell the doctor any and all symptoms you are having, tell your parents to call the doctor

Preeti S
it sounds like what you are going through is pretty serious, please for your sake call ur doctor and tell him what is going on, especially since you've been diagnosed with a condition, lumbar spinal fusion...call you doctor and report anything, its better to be safe then sorry...also in the future make sure to alert him on any promblems you may experiencing, whether it be your back or anything else.

call him , doctors are not mind readers they do not know if some thing went wrong unless you tell them.

Brandy H
you really do need to call it might not be good

yes you should definitely call your doctor immediately you could have nerve damage and if it is prolonged it could be permanent.

YES YES YES, you need 2 call him right away...before you do more damage to yourself

Lyn B

yes if u need help


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