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ouch, lmao justkidding
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 Headache everyday??????
Every day i get a headache and it usually make me sick to my stomach oh and i am always cold. Do you know what this could be?
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 I've been having pain in my left rib cage for a week now what could it possibly be?
It has gotten worse each day, and is worse with movement, like when I reach up in the cupboard for something. I didn't fall, pull a muscle or do strenuous exercise that would cause a pulled ...

please help! QUESTIONS ABOUT MY FENTANYL 75mcg Patch!!!?
Ive been on the Fent. 75 mcg patch for almost a year, I am only 25 years old. I was crappily diagnosed with a neurological disease last year, and Im starting to worry at being only 25 years old, and assuming I'll live for atleast another 40 years, Will any pain meds ever work on me again? Or have I screwed myself by being on such a high peaking pain medication?

I would find me another doctor who specializes in Pain /neuro management. I have a great Dr now and my pain stays pretty low.. I was on neurontin and on the morphine patch. I got off all those.. but yours seems to be more serious than mine..

Wow,, you are taking a real high dose of fentanyl but the best person to ask this question is your doctor. I have been taking opiate pain meds for about 7 years and the doctors have changed my meds several times because of them not being as effective as they were when I first started taking them. Here is a link to the same info your doctor would get if he went on-line for it. I hope it helps and don't give up,,they come up with a lot of new drugs all the time. About 5 years ago I was in a pain med clinical trial and it sounds like you might be exactly the type person that would benefit from something like that. So the second link you can check to see if there are any clinical trail going on in your area.

On-line PDR

Clinical trials

I have been on a few of the same meds like hydrocodone and oxycodone for several years and they still work but are just not as effective but they certainly do still help control pain. Even after all these years I still go to the doctor every 3 months and they determine what the best course of action and meds are.

Here is one more link that you may want to check out and use. This is the place that many new discoveries have been made and I make a point to check it out every month or so just to see if there is anything new that may help me.


Hang in there,, you are still very young and 5 years from now there could be a breakthrough drug or treatment that will benefit all of us in chronic pain.
Thank you for asking this question. I just got a few new great links from MonTana. Thumbs up for her!!

Good luck and God bless

Dream Maker
Hey sweetie, i am on the Fentynal 50mcg patch with Lortab for breakthrough pain. I started on the 100, then 75, and now 50mcg along with the Lortabs, and a few more. I have severe scoliosis. They asked if i wanted a morphine pump and i said NO!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! I also go to physical therapy twice a week. Also try massage,yoga and hot bath with Epsom salts. AND PRAYERS!! Peace & Love, Victoria

MonTana Tiggs (Smokey)
You can get on lower meds, But the idea is to put on the patch NOT worry about and that is the beauty of it not having to take something everyday...

here is a chart for conversion so you can see what you might have instead

Hun, the problem with pain management is that we all fall into this train of thought, thinking -OMG i am going to be on these the rest of my life, but hun, what you must think - If this is all you need for the next 40 yrs GREAT! it s when the meds dont work anymore that we all begin to have problems..
I started in your cycle in 1987 and thought the same thing, I just had to resign to the fact, that I have pain, this is what works, and I only have the dr to answer to NO ONE ELSE!

If you want someone to talk to- I would be happy to!

I know what you are feeling, I think of this everyday, but you know something they are experimenting with different meds every day and treatments
I check on the website Clinical trials all the time to see if there is something else that they have come up with...

75mcg is up there, but not extremely high so you can try and ask to go down 25mcg to the 50 and then take something else for break thru-
They even have fentanyl lollipops called Actiq

The other possibility is the use of Pain Pump and/or Spinal column stimulators
There are 3 companies that provide stimulators for this treatment
Advanced Bionics (name changed to Boston Scientific neuromodulation)



I have 2 of them, and because of the stim, I cut back the amt I was taking on the patch and all of the other garbage meds and I am doing quite well

talk to me, but plz dont worry about being "normal" they are concerned for your comfort

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