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 why does my wrist hurt?????
three weeks ago, i think i put too much pressure on my wrist when i was out with friends, becuase i was carrying my heavy bag awkwardly for a while. The next morning when i I woke up, I could barely ...

 Right leg pain, knee pain. Please help!?
I work at a job that has probably positioned my spine out of allignment over the years. I run a converyor belt in a factory. Anyways I have just started to work out at a gym because I have gained ...

 I have a pain in my right side right above my hip. What do you think it is?
My mom says its just a pulled muscle but she can sometimes be in denial. Its hurts way worse than any pulled muscle I have ever had. I do play softball, it could be from that. Or I carry a 40 pound ...

 Source of Back and Neck Pain?
I have this relaly weird back and neck pain that comes at random times. The pain ranges from soreness to burning. The pain is always located at the part of my back directly behind my breasts. I'...

 i am looking for information on plantar fasciitis!?
I have been suffering from this for over 1yr. please if you have any info.......I really NEED it!! thank you!...

 Strept Throat?
I went to the doctors and he said i have strept throat! The pain hurts so bad it is unbeliveable the inside of my ears hurt and also my head pain my head pain my head has never hurt this bad ever!and ...

 Is it normal to get sore after stretching the next day?

I took 3 300MG of gabapentin per doctor's order.. can anybody tell me what this drug is used for and it's side effects?? T...

 I suddenly experience a burning sensation atop my feet making it difficult to walk.?
I have not put any excess strain or ever had an injury with my feet. The pain comes & goes & lasts about an hour. The pain has also awaken me from my sleep. My feet show no swelling....

 for 2 months have had sharp & burning pain in left arm goes through side of neck,had pains in left chest?
i cant lift my arm very high,this morning off and on i had a sharp pains in my left chest above left breast.its very ...

 My husband age 20 gets heart pains?
we've been to doctors and they say he needs to control his temper and needs to go for walks. but i have a gut feeling it is something worse. its been 2 1/2 years since we've been married. ...

 sharp pain in my lower abdomen?
I feel so embarrassed to ask u guys this.. but anyway I'm feeling really bad sharp pain in my lower abdomen n my private area to the back.. it's so PAINFUL and right now its hard for me to ...

 What can I do about my killer migraines at work as a nurse? HELP! :(?
I am a nurse tech and 16 weeks pregnant. They don't have light duty where I work so I am doing what evrybody else does and lately it is killing me! All the pushing, pulling, bending, tugging, ...

 why does popping my neck feels so good?
sometimes my neck will feel tight then when i pop it it feels so much better.why is that?...

 Is it true that the more flexible you are, the weaker your core (thoracic cage)?
Georges St Pierre said in an interview with si.com that part of his gameplan was to use bodyshots and attack BJ Penn's core because of how flexible BJ is.

He said that if someone has ...

 I feel like killing myself is the only answer for me. I've gone through all kinds of medication to help.?
I don't think I've helped anyone or benefited the world. I'm spending money and eating food others could use. My husband is so angry at my depression and lack of hope, he just walks ...

 is knee replacement a solution for artheritis?

 What happens when you get a Charlie Horse I know what cause is but what happens to the muscle in your leg?

 Is 16 too old to cry from Physical Pain?
How much physical pain should a 16 year old be able to tollerate, broken arm? badly scratched up arm and face from pedal bike crash on pavement? I know its considered wrong for a boy to cry for any ...

 what is sharp burning pain on the back of the head?
for the past week I've been having a sharp burning pain on the upper right side of my head it's always in the same spot on the back of my head does anyone know what it is?...

my head hurts! whats wrong!?
i have been having sharp, pounding headaches at the bottom proportion of my head for the past 2 days. I have tried taking advil, but it doesn't help, somethimes i will take three a day. But the headaches withnot even dull down. I have been feeling very sleeping and the back of my eyes hurt. Iam i stressed or is there something wrong with me. please help, i want an answer

the sharp pain is not a good sign. you probably need to see a doctor. there are a number of things you could have, but the best thing to do is to seek professional help.

Steve R
go to doctor. Could be cluster headaches or TMJ.


Could be lack of sleep, too much caffeine, migrane, tension or stress headache or a number of other things. When I get a bad one like that I heat up a "body buddy" and put it on my neck and lay down. Keep the room dim and try Excedrin it works well.

Pinched Nerve in Your Neck
A Tension Headache
Sleeping crooked
Lack Of Sleep
It could be a number of things.

Try applying hot compresses to the back of your head where the pain is. I take extra-strength Adult Liquid Tylenol for everything and it works well.

Ridin The Storm Out
Sorry to hear about ur headaches! Have you tried a cold compress/ alternating this with a warm compress? Stress is only adding to the headaches u r sufferering with @ this time. You can increase the amount of advil- up to 800 mg every 6 hours will be reasonalbe. You may be having a migraine headache- You could be coming down with a virus. Have you been drinking lots of fluids? DO NOT BECOME DEHYDRATED! Also, try to keep in a dark area, put a cool wash cloth over ur eyes, and have the noise level around you as quiet as possible. I highly suggest you go see a Doctor. Hope this helped. Good luck and Take care!

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