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my daughter has pain in her right side,stomach, back, anyone have any suggestions? urine, blood test r clean.?
she 12yrs old. Thought it was kidney stones, but tests have come back negative. There is blood in her urine. she has not started her menstral cycle yet.

Go to the emergency room please... it may be something that needs to be taken care of right now.
Good luck.

consult a doctor

check out the symptoms for crohn's disease... she has alot of the same symptoms. alot of the other symptoms can be hidden and she may consider them too gross to bring up. seriously. check it out- you may save her life.

Seema R
Stomach pain or bellyache may be caused due to a problem in the organs in the abdominal region including digestive system,the liver, gall bladder,pancreas, appendix and the kidney. Minor problems like gastroenteritis can cause severe stomach pain, while fatal illnesses like cancer may cause only mild pain. More information on causes and treatment available at http://tinyurl.com/l9k9x

Did they checked her appendix? The right side is where the appendix is located.
The blood in her urine, could be a sign that she is about to start her menstrual cycle.
I had alot of pain before I started my period. I had endometriosis. I pray that she does not have it. It is very painful. And the only way to diagnosis it is minor surgery. But there are alot more things that can be done for it, then when I had it. And I would DEFINITELY get a second and third opinion. Good Luck and God Bless.

Sounds like a kidney or bladder infection.
What did the MD do? She's close to starting her cycle.

patti duke
Have your doctor refer you to a specialist and don't rely on what you hear here, any parent would figure that out on their own

I dont know but that is not good that there is blood in her urine maybe it could be bladder infection but i would go tell her doc that there was blood in her urine and that she has not started her menstral cycle yet that is what i would do. Maybe get a second a opion from anther doc to see what is wrong .

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