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♦ B3ll3 ♦
my bones crack while I exercise is this normal?
is it normal for bones to crack while u exercise? i mean i can hear my bones crackin while doin sit ups,crunches. and no i have no injuries or have had no operation

Hmm, they shouldn't be cracking, they should be breaking

Billy C
it's realy normal my arm cracks all tha time don't trip!

Yes, there may be a reason why they crack, but it's not serious. I crack all the time, name a joint and it can crack. Sometimes i swear non-joints crack. It's really annoying. But my mom is the same way and she has had it her whole life. I really don't think anything is wrong, it's just the way it is. (I crack ore often when i'm working out..)

Aldi R
ive cracked my bone when i do push up if ur hands get tired ur boned gonna cracks

Douglas B
No it's not. Bones are made to glide over each other to prevent premature wear on each other. You are showing signs of tendons that are too short, something that happens when there is not a continuous work out regiment in place. If you let me know which ones are the worst I can send you ways to help them out.

usually alignment problems or tension problems, check you performance, just too much cracking...

Gogo G
well it is normal for parts like this , mostly joints,(knees,fingers,elbow,toes,ankle,b… ect)
But if you hear it in your stomach thats kinda irregular cuz i dont recall any bones being in your stomach and even if there is it is rather odd. I would go to a chyropracter or doctor first. Also if its really hurting cool down and go to the doctor
Good luck, and dont hurt yourself :)
also it could be some signs or aithrites.. or however u spell it :)

They're not actually cracking or breaking. It's the ligaments and cartilage between the bones. If it's painful see a doctor, if it gets worse, see a doctor. If nothing changes, then you're probably fine.

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