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 im having my blood drawn...will it hurt?
im kinda scared i've never done it before and it sounds painful.

also i have a sailing regatta in heavy winds later in the day, will the shot make me too sore?...

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 what do you think's more painful? dying from a heart attack or giving birth without pain relief?
just curious....

 Medical question ...............Please Help!!!????
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 What is a good way to get rid of a headache?

 i have a major headache and my advil and stuff is locked up how to get rid of it?

 My back hurts!! help?
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My parents aren&#...

 I have had chest pain along with shoulder and arm pain for the past 8hours!! I went to the ER?
EKG, Labs were good. My Blood pressure got down to 154/98 from 168/118, respirations 26. They said nothing is wrong with me and sent me home. I feel like I am dying and this pain is awful. I maybe ...

 it hurts..?
i recently had a miscarrage and for the last 3 weeks my stomachs been in so much pain. It almosts feels like period pains except worse. I've tried taking medicines to help the pain but not even ...

 what exactly IS happening when you get a side ache while running?

 miracle relief formula?

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 help with very bad lower back pain?
ok i am 15 years old. (just so u know) I have had REALLY bad back pain in the lower right part of my back. ive had it for maybee a year or so now and it is just getting worse and worse. the pain will ...

 Should I go to the Emergency Room?
I have had on and off neck pain with shoulder and right arm pain for a couple weeks, with noted weakness in my arm. what should i do?
Additional Details
I have irreversible organ damage. ...

 What is a stronger drug for pain management?
I am in sever chronic pain. I can not take anti-inflamitories / /NSAIDS for other medical reasons. I have tried vicodin, tylenol #3 and Darvoset. The first two do nothing, the Darvoset at its ...

 When I cough, I have severe stomach pain. Does anyone know what this might indicate?. Going on a week now.?

 Why i feel pain in chest ands it's side after exercise?
----------------Why i feel pain in chest ands it's side after exercise?I daily go to gym and i am doing many types of exercises but i feel pain in chest and it's side after ...

kidney infection / pain... how do u make it go away?
ive had a kindey infection before but it was more severe last time. what makes the pain go away?

I've been a paraplegic for twenty years. We suffer from chronic UTI's, and often back up to kidneys. I had a bad kidney infection, went to doctor, they took a sample, said they'd call if I needed antibiotics, if no call, I was OK....no call...until 4months later.....my results had gotten lost for that long....my kidney swelled up 4x it's normal size, they wanted to do a "Nephroctomy" (cut it out). I had six stones removed (the cause of the swelling was one stuck in my ureter and backed up,massive infection--as in quarts of pus) and do sometimes take antibiotics....but for the most part, I take cranberry pills or straight cranberry juice concentrate, and when I get a flare up, I use Ionic Silver...has worked for years...I also used Essiac to detox my whole system, and my kidney, which was considered worthless ten years ago, is now almost back to normal. So, I'd recommend a cranberry pill that has 24hr activity (AZO is one), ionic silver if worse (this IS a natural, wide spectrum antibiotic), and, long term to keep them from coming back, a whole body and yeast cleanse. best wishes..

Joey S
you need to stop F***ing doing all those damn drugs just like that guy with all that hair keeps telling you. he cares about you more than youll ever know. so listen to him. he wants you to be healthy so he can spend the rest of his life with you!!!!!!

only getting rid of the infection by antibiotics will make the pain completely go away, but flushing your system helps. Try drinking alot of cranberry juice. If you don't like the taste, you can get many other fruit combination with the cran that changes the taste. Also, try drinking just one beer, maybe once a day, or every other day. The yeast in the beer help to flush the kidneys. I know what I'm talking about on this one. I have been fighting renal (kidney) failure for about 7 years now, even had to take a few rounds of chemo. good luck, I know what you're going thru.

i have had a few kidney infections. i would suggest going to the see the doc. i let one of mine go(just for a couple days) and was VERY close to having a kidney failure when i finally did get to the ER. you should have an antibiotic to clear it up. so, i would suggest you make a trip to see the doctor-- just in case! hope you feel better soon, those darn things can be worse than giving birth!

pls go see a doc to get some antibiotic if not the infection will get more serious and u will be in more pain

left_sock_ missing
AZO or pyridium

Mountain Bear
Stay away from all fatty and rich foods until your antibiotics have complete cleared it up. Stay away from all drinks that are not clear liquid. Cola's always make the pain worse. Milk products can as well. The best thing I've found is Cranberry Juice several times a day. If you can't stand that, stick to water and not water that has artificial flavors in it. Nice clear plain water!

Most antibiotics for Kidney Infection will take care of the pain within three days as the infection goes away. Make sure to take all the antibiotics, don't stop when the pain stops or you could end up with a rebound infection that is worse then the one you have now. If the antibiotics is for two weeks, then do it the entire two weeks, even after you feel better.

Don't use Aspirin, it's so hard on the Kidney's, as are all drugs, so don't use any drug right now that a doctor hasn't told you to take.

Using a heating pad on your lower back, can help some if the pain is mostly in your back, if it's in the urinary tract, drinking tons of clear liquids helps your body wash the infection out as the antibiotics do their job.

I hope it clears up soon!

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