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 I have a raging ear ache cannot get an appointment with doc till next Tuesday?
Any ideas please...do you know of anything that may help I know not to put anything in the ear though....

 Just below my stomach it really hurts, feels like it's a balloon blowing up what can i do?

Additional Details
What's causing it? btw i am 16 and eat ...

 Help! i have constipation and I don't know if I should go to the doctor yet as I have had it for about 4 days.?
Please only give serious answers as I don't want to go on like this. I dont want to go the a doctor with a problem like constipation even thought I know they will be very hepful but I was ...

 I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?
I didn't think anything bad would happen, but people on another question of mine are saying more than 4000mg of acetaminophen in 24 hours can be harmful... while i've taken about 6500mg ...

 should i.....?
i want to get my tounge peirced i have my belly button peirced and that didnt hurt,im pretty sure i cab tolerate pain but every 1 says i shouldnt what should i do....?
Additional Details

 i got habenaro juice on my fingers and touched my upper lip and it burns!!!! what do i do? :(?

 Do you have an idea of a job where you don't have to sit?
I have a bad back ailment. It makes it very painful to sit down for more than a few minutes. I can stand, but I need to be moving all the time. Another tricky element: I cannot lift heavy weights. R...

 i do this weird finger thing and cant stop HELLP!!?
its hard to explain..buti start with my left thumb then right then left then right.thats 4 times.and its like where i but my thumb down..its weird but i have to do it constantly. anyone no wat this ...

 why do i randomly get dizzy?

 Took 5 pain relievers and 5 sleepig pills.. help :?
I toook 5 pain relievers and 5 sleepig pills, can i die?...

 what would be a sharp pain under the right lower rib-bone?
I sometimes get a sharp shooting pain under my front middle right lower rib bone. It will shoot about three sharp long pains that take my breath away and then it goes away. What could this be?

 Ouch! My Ring is Stuck on My Finger, how do i get it off?
My ring is stuck on my finger, it usualy slides right off but it gets bigger at night! -is that bad?

I've tried ice, stretching it out, butter, and just pulling.

My finger ...

 ever had surgey.............?
1.did you have a iv
2.did you have a breathing tube
3.did you have a blood pressure cuff
4.did you have a oxygen mas
5.did you have a pulse ox meter
6.did you have a ng tube<...

 im 16, and i need a back brace for scoliosis?
how long a day do you think id have to wear it? and for how many months/years? its not that terrible, but i have a pretty decent hump when i bend over....

 does any one know any good tips to ease a migraine without resorting to painkillers or herbal remedies?

 i'm a 15 yr old female, and i'm just wondering what the SUPER bad pain in my heart could be?
it's a quick sharp pain that lasts about 30 seconds. but during the time it makes it almost impossible for me to breathe or move at all...if anyone has any idea what it could be, could u please ...

 MY leg hurts??Why??Anyone?
My inner thigh, and normal thigh, and crotch kinda hurts. Its really uncomfortable whenever id o physical activity. But its always just the one???



 I fell down 5 flights of stairs this morning.?
And my leg is killing me. Should I go to the doctor?
Additional Details
Actually, I did land on my head. That was a doozy......

 What's the worst way to die?

 bruise please HELP me?
i bruise alot,
its not that i bruise easily, but i figure skate and that causes me to fall on my butt from a couple feet in the air about a million times a day.

i always have at ...

is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it

Additional Details
im crackin up now i lafd when a kid hit his head and and got a concusion

Dont worry, as long a sits nuthin serious. ur probly just nervous.

Figure Skaterrr &lt;3
hahahha lmao i always do, its just normal, we can't all help it.
laugh now, help later.

.."It's fun until someone gets hurt...then it's hilarious"
haahha...... okay i sound really mean now, bye! (:

this is a common thing which happens to me also but if it happens some time make sure u r away from that place n go away n laugh in some where else or the person who fell down would feel bad n try to keep hold on yourself donot burst out at that moment only

No. It is not at all weird. Laughing when someone suffers a misfortunate but not life threatening accident is a way to relieve the tension of not knowing what to say, or how to comfort the person who has had the accident. It is known as nervous laughter.

It also improves the spirits of the person who has had the minor accident, since they feel better and are assured they are not seriously hurt.

However, if you laugh at serious or life threatening accidents then you should seek some form of counseling as this is highly inappropriate.

Scott J
It is called "schadenfreude" and everyone does it.

It's mean but it's normal. I do it too until I see if they're hurt or not..

No, I do it.

Didn't you ask this before? If not, this question is becoming a little too common, which leads me to believe that either it's normal or you should make friends with a few other girls on this site.

mike S
No, not at all. I know a couple people like that. I guess about 4 of them. So I would not say it's weird at all. Maybe a little insensitive but not weird.

Lily K
Trust me here. Your not the only one who laughs when that happens. I can't help it eather. Even tho its mean to laugh, I just can't stop laughing u no?!

Just Jump
no its not weird....ok maybe a lil.....but me n my friends laugh at each other all the time and besides if u go onto utube they have tons of vid s wit ppl fallin! it hilarious

No, we all do it. It is funny when someone falls but if they are real hurt and their not laughing with you, it is best to stop and give them some assistance.

Goose Shart Out Chicken Wing
i do it to lol sum kid at sk8 park fell broke ankle I LAFFED

Naruto S
it happens to every1 dont worry just try to keep it in it happens to me aswell

It is common. Known as nervous laughter.

Truth Chick
Its either nervous laughter, or you are a total bi+ch

Aco M
Same i always laugh when someone falls or gets hurt like that

i cant help it aswell!!!! LOL ROFL LMAO

cct rep
no im the same way. its gets me in trouble alot

Martin the baby
no..unfortunately most women do that

lmao i do it too!
but then i say "are you ookay?"

Yes, it's fairly expected at times...when it isn't serious.

lmfao! falling down the stairs.
umm lol alot of people laugh
at thatt.

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