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 Pain in right kidney?
Two nights ago, I started having this horrible pain. It hurt when I would lay down and breath. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I went the the restroom, and I had blood in my urine. Later on in the ...

 I have been prescibed vicoden for pain. This time the doc prescibed Lortab. Is this stronger?

 Sporadic sharp shooting pain in shin area of right leg (not shin splints)?
Does anybody know what this could be? There is no tenderness to my shin or the muscle around it. Instead, it is a sharp debilitating pain that lasts less than a minute (usually about 10 seconds) ...

 What can I do about restless leg syndrome?

 the doctor says i have tennis elbow?
he said that the 2 weeks break from work i had at xmas should heal it but it hasnt ,i work in construction so im using my arms alot,i,ve been told by a workmate that a steroid injection should cure ...

 Back Pain?!?
A couple of months ago i was running up some stairs and there was a sharp pain in my lower back!
Ever since then i have been suffering from lower back pains.

I dont have it all the ...

 Doctors say I have fibromyalgia but I don't believe them. I am in UNGODLY pain in my FEET/knees for 8yrs. HELP
I'm on every known medicine to mankind and nothing seems to work for my so called fibromyalgia. Does anyone experience burning,throbbing,sickning pain in their feet? Every xray, etc has been ...

 i watched a prog last night about the painkillers murderer in 1982 in america does anyone rem it?
im in uk but i watch a prog about this person who put cyonide in tneynol i think it was called it was painkillers in america anyway and loads of people ended up dying within an hour of taking the ...

 what do you do if my throat is swelling?
it feels like my throat is trying to close. what to do???
Additional Details
and its giveing me a spliting head ...

 why love is so painful?

 Has anyone had a spinal fusion?
I'm going in to have a spinal fusion done in a couple of weeks. What do I need to know or do before the surgery and how will I feel afterward?
Thanks for your help and advice....

 How do oil massages help the movement of synovial fluids?
Synovial fluid: The slippery fluid that lubricates joints and provides nutrients to the cartilage. Also known as the synovia....

 MRI scan..problem with back and legs?
MRI scan shows, Normal signal on vertebral bodies but sacralisation of L5, focal protrusion postercentral disc L2/L3 with dehydration. L3/l4 disc dehydration minimal disc protrusin with degenerative ...

 When Heath Ledger took the fatal combination of pills was he aware of what was going on but couldn't help it?
He took sleeping pills and then lay upside down...which caused him to no be able to breathe...he probably couldn't get up cause he was using sleeping pills.

What is the real ...

 random sharp stabbing pain in lower abdomen?
im a 17 year old girl, and ive been getting sharp random stabbing pains in my abdomen. its NOT gas. what else could it be? its really painful....

 Help! My throat is feeling scratchy and a wee bit sore?
My throat is quite scratchy and is feeling sore as well. What should I do? I don't want to be sick. I can't be sick. I have a stellar week ahead planned....

 What was the most painful experience you've had?

 The back of my head feels pressure when I laugh too hard?
I have a craniotomy in 03, when I laugh or run too hard it feels like pressure is building up at the base of my skull. It gets so bad that I have to stop. Why is this?...

 If the brain contains no nerve endings and you can scoop it out without pain, then how do you get headaches?

 what causes sharp pain on the side of my stomach?
lately id been feeling sharp pains on each side of my stomach
also my ...

how many vicodin es in 1 day?
I've been on vicodin for 6 months and now I have been prescribed vic es, is 8 in 1 day too many? It seems that whenever I take any I don't feel the effects at all anymore including the lessoning of pain. So is 8 in 1 day ok?

I'm on vicodin too. It's hard because the more you take it the more you get used to it and you want to take more. It takes my edge off my pain, but it would work better if I took more. You probably built up a tolerance to them. Taking 8 shouldn't hurt you but you have to be careful of the amount of Tylenol that's with it because your only supposed to take 1000 mg every four hrs, so be careful of that. Good luck to ya.

You can take 8 vicodin es in one day. The es is extra strength. The only difference between regular vicodin and the es is the amount of acidaminaphin in each pill. I have taken 6 at one time and was fine, had a mild stomach ache but it didnt hurt me. So good luck with your pain management.

Eight Vicodin ES in 24 hours is too much. The maximum amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol) you can take is 4000 mg--assuming you are adult. Each Vicodin ES has 750 mg of tylenol, so the most you can take is 5 a day. You run the risk of damaging your liver if you take too much tylenol.

Usually Vicodin ES is 7.5 hydrocodone. 7.5mg of narcotic 500mg of tylenol. I've taken thousands of them over many years for a spine injury

8 would put you right at the max for the tylenol. It's best to trust info like you are asking to you doctor, pharmacy, or this link

here's the actual link straight to hydrocodone

Right after having a spine operation I was taking 8, 10/500 hydrocodone a day but that was for only a few days. My normal dose for the past several years has been 4 a day as needed

I would call your pharmacy or your doctors service and have him call you back. It's far better to be safe than sorry.

EDIT: and ES does NOT mean 750 mg. of tylenol. That why I gave you the link,,,just because of false info like that!

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