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 really really bad head aches! please help!?
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 Iv'e got cramp, I think it's called Yahoooers a=s whats the best thing to rub into it?

 What's more painful...?
Giving birth or getting kicked in the nuts?

I only ask, 'cos no one is ever going to be able to experience both!
Additional Details
spoofred.. Thank you for your comments....

 I threw up randomly last night?
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This sounds completely idiotic, but does caffeine make a headache worse or better? I'm ...

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 Any tips for managing the pain of a very arthritic hip. It is really sore at the moment?
Getting up from sitting is really painful as is walking on rough ground. What do other people do for it? I already take glucosamine and chondroitin in aloe vera. And take ibuprofen most mornings. W...

how does an x ray of the knee happen?
i need to get an x ray for my knee because i have arthritis, and im wondering what happens.
does it hurt?
explainnn your whole experience please:]


THEY HURT LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my knee bone collapsed because of an xray machine and now, when i go jogging my knee goes backwards a little and i collapse. :)

when I hurt my knee. I had an mri done and it showed more than an xray would ever show.

it doesn't hurt, all they do is have u lay down and take pictures, they will tell u to have the knee in different positions, and they will most likely have u stand up and take some pictures as well

Max C
it takes a few minutes total. You lie on a bed, the tech positions your knee, you hear a click and your done! It feels exactly the same as having your picture taken with a camera. Only difference is that this camera can see through your body!

I had an x ray on my knee done also. I am 13, and I had a milencoulous tear, ans the x ray was totally painless. I couldnt bend my knee strait, so they had to prop it up with a sponge. The only part that hurt was getting off the bench, but my knee cap was broken in half, sooo chances are, that getting off the bench wont hurt you,

Hope Everything Goes Well!!

return the favor??


It's just a picture. You stand in a gown in front of a screen (or laying on it).
Since you are a young woman MAKE SURE they put a lead shield in front of your stomach!!! If they say it's a new machine and it's not important tell them you want one anyway!

i got a knee x ray . and they lay ur knee down and turn it so they see the side and x ray it . it doesn't hurt .

Jessica E
they just take you back and its a regular x-ray. they position your knee. tell you not to move and take the x-ray, no pain involved.

Science happens, but that's too complex. No it doesn't hurt but do keep in mind that the lesser x-rays you have the better.

Miss Toy
No, it doesn't hurt.

This is what happens: you go into the xray room. You will either stand, or lay on a table. If you stand the Xray Technician will give you a Lead vest. You will wear it to protect yourself from radiation. If you are laying down, then they will put the lead vest on you to cover you in the right places.

Then the tech will ask you to stand a certain place, and then tell you to hold still. If you are laying down, he or she will tell you to lay in a certain position and hold still.

The tech will leave the room to take the xray and come back in a few seconds. Think about how they take an Xray when you see the dentist. it's pretty much like that, except with different parts of your body. No, it won't hurt, its just like taking a picture of you, but they are taking an Xray, or a picture of your bones, instead.

Kary Khan
no it doesnt hurt its like they are taking a picture of your knee

I had one recently for my foot.
All they did was sit me on the table, place the machine above my foot,
leave the room, and switch it on, and then back off when it was finished.
They came back and I got off the table.
That's it!
Think of it as having a picture taken of your knee. It does NOT hurt, and is simple and quick.

Although you shouldn't have too many x-rays, it is not because they hurt, but because they use radiation. You just don't want to be exposed to too much in your lifetime, but then there is background radiation everywhere, so don't worry too much about it.

When you go into the room they will give you a lead apron that will sheild the rest of your body from the x-rays. You sit down on a table, or stand in front of a plate that has x-ray film in it. There is a big machine that can move through most of the room, which they will line up with your knee (you may have to twist and turn a bit to get the position they want. ) when it's lined up, they will tell you to hold it, they'll leave the room, take the picture, and then move you into the next position. you'll probably do this several times. At no point does the machine actually touch you, and the x-ray itself does not hurt, though if your arthritis is really bad getting into the necessary position could hurt a bit (my first round of x-rays were easy, the second round my arthritis was much worse, so the positioning part was unpleasant. If you can get your leg straight without pain you should be fine.)

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