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how do i cure an adult ear ache?
I am 31 years old. I don't usually get ear aches but I have one tonight and heat, pain killers and over the counter drops aren't touching it. I know I need to make an appt. with my doctor but I can't do so until after the holiday. How do I get through the night?

You might possibly have an ear infection. My mother gets them chronically. Have someone massage under and around both of your ears and your jaw bone. You might also try some benadryl for the possible allergy/drainage side of the spectrum. Other than that, some advil and some rest is about all you can do until you can get some antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Take some tylenol to help the pain. If it hurts too much go to an urgent care or emergency room. You shouldn't have to suffer until after the holiday. You should get it taken care of before it gets worse.

Take an anti-histamine from walgreens or the local pharmacy which will help dry you up. It probably started out as an upper respiratory infection such as a chest cold/cough left untreated and you didn't dry it up with medicine. The infected goop made it's way to your ears. Take some benadryl and ibuprofen to dry it up and help the pain or any kind of in general "dry it up" kind of medicine such as sudafed. I had an earache about a year ago and it led to a perforated eardrum because I didn't take medicine. You'll get an antibiotic from the dr. when you get in; make sure you take the entire bottle they give you.

The only real options you have over the counter are the ones you are trying. There is a herbal product called simalacin that is for ear pain, it works ok. Get a prescription for some Auralgan otic drops for the pain. If the pain is from inflamation, try ibuprofen or aleve. If it is congestion or drainage, try a decongestant like Mucinex D. If its from an infection, pain relievers wont help one bit. You dont want to let an infection go for a few days without some treatment. go to an Urgent care, Carenow, or ER

You can try taking a combination antihistamine/decongestant to help clear out any congestion. For pain relief you will probably need something fairly strong like a narcotic such as codeine because ear pain can be absolutely excruciating. I know that here in Canada you need a prescription for Tylenol 3, but you are able to get Tylenol 1 over the counter without a prescription. It has less codeine than Tylenol 3 but will likely still help you. Depending upon where you live that might be an option for you. Nowadays a lot of doctors don't prescribe antibiotics right away for ear infections because so many of them resolve themselves just as quickly on their own. But if it goes on with that level of pain for more than a couple of days I would recommend going to a walk in clinic or to your local hospital's ER. All the best to you and I hope you are able to enjoy your New Year's.

****, i had one a month ago and holy **** i took so many meds to get through the night. i feel your pain.

NyQuil knocked my out for a couple hours. benedryll didn't do anything, nor did aspirin. advil helped the most as a pain killer. i lasted until 2AM before i had to go to the ER. they gave me antibiotics and some steroids for the pain and it felt a lot better within a few hours. they also gave me some other major pain killers which i didn't take. they were worried my eardrum was going to bust. i really would not recommend trying to hold out until the holiday's over. ******* killer. my ear infections come back twice since that trip to the ER and my hearing wasn't the same for about three weeks.

good luck.

Go to Urgent care. If it's really bad, go to the ER.

♥ ♥ C.J. ♥ ♥
Try Advil first. Helps reduce swelling.

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