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 Does it hurt to get you tonsils taken out?
Okay I have tonsillitis and I am just curious does it hurt to get your tonsils taken out? I dont think I will ever have to but I just really want to know....

 Head Trauma... please help, I'm in a lot of pain!?
Ok, well about 2 hours ago (April 18th, 2008), I hit my head on the floor really hard. It still hurts. I've taken asprin and I have an ice pack on it right now, but I am scared. Could I have ...

 i got my tonsils removed yesterday...?
i couldn't even sleep last night my throat is killing me.
any suggestions on how to make it a little less sore? i'm already taking medicine every 4 hours but it's not completely ...

 Extremly intense menstrual cramps!! !!!! sux for us women... = (?
Ahh! yes i get the worse menstrual cramps ever. From the first time when i was 10 & got em till today (im 18 now) i get them for exactly 7 days straight, with nothing but shooting intense pain. i ...

 is central chest pain connected with anxiety and stress?

 Joint pains everywhere?
My friends brother, Is 12 years old, He asked me if i could do a little research, Because he's abit frightened, Are these growing pains? Or not?...

 I've had an ache in my left arm all day, in the shoulder and wrist but since I've had a beer it's gone away
Is that physical dependance on alchohol or is it RSI due to leaning on my computer desk?
Additional Details
mags_dbee: I am actually having quite a stressful time at the moment, thanks!<...

 What wrong with me, is it my heart?
ok every once and while i get these sort of pains in my heart and chest like someones stabbed threw or a sudden shock
Additional Details
the pains doesn't last long it's more ...

 I got my tongue pierced and my tongue hurts why?
oki so i got my tongue pierced about 3 weeks ago and it swelled and did all the stuff its suppose to do but now the muscles in it are sore is this normal its not really pain full its a tolerable pain ...

 my ears are blocked =(its sooooo anoyying i think it might be ear wax..im only 13 =[ can anyone help? please?

 my nose is sooo stuffed i can not breath through my nose at all! anyone remedies?! ?
my nose is soo ridiculously stuffed i can't breath at all through my nose, and i have to breath through my mouth, theres no way i'll be able to sleep like this. does anyone know of any ...

 pain killers question?
My friend seems to think that pain killers, lets say powerful prescription ones, only work for things like "broken bones". She has boils that hurt when she moves in certain positions and I&#...

 how do i make a shot less painful?
Injection Ouch Please Help I Hate It so Much
Additional Details
Im a 12 year old kid ok so dont laugh plz thanx :)...

 Whats wrong with my tongue?
I was rushing and i accidentally rinsed my mouth with rubbing alcohol( i know i should have checked the bottle) and now my tongue feels really weird. i think my taste buds are dulling. i could be ...

 How Many Miligrams Should a Teenager Take Of Hydrocodone?
My Daughter Has To Take Some Hydrocodone And I Dont Know How Much To Give Her.
Additional Details
Just Tell Me How Much Jesus....

 Leg pain, is it serious?
I got this pain near the top of my leg. The best way I can describe it is the kind of pain that feels a little better after you stretch the muscles.It's on my right leg. I'm 18 and very ...

 Can a chiropractor actually kill someone when they adjust someone's neck? ?
true or false?...

 my throat has been burning for a few days. What should i do? It kills!?

 i heard my knee pop 2 times when i felled...what should i do?
what can i do for it? should go to the hospital? or wrap it up and keep walking on it?what should i do?...

 My husband has been taking 40,000 mg of Tylenol a day for pain. What can happen if he continues to do this?

Additional Details
He said that he pulled a muscle around his ribs. He can barely move. I told him that it is WAY too much to take!!! He said that he is taking 40-50 500mg a day!!! He ...

yep its me.
ear ache, what to do?
I have an ear ache and its draining does any one know some advice besides go to a doctor i just recently had strep throat so im thinking the drainage is from that and its just coming out my ear but i want it to stop help!

the pharmacy sells a product(not sure on the spelling) but its called symilasan, try it.

See a doctor for ointment.

my g-ma used to blow smoke in my ear and put cotton in it .. it sounds weird but really helped to dry up the infection

Josh M
Try using a heat pad while your sleeping and that will help you get some sleep. Try to get a good night's rest. Pain reliever will also help with the pain. Warm baby oil or olive oil will provide some relief. Wash ear canal with water and hydrogen peroxide.

Draining means infection. You need to at least call the doctor and talk to his nurse about it.

I would say call a doctor as well, but if you want a quick fix that may re leave some of the pain use Hydrogen peroxide in your ear. Just pour a little into the cap and pour it in your ear. This is also a great way to get rid of earwax. Hope this helps you!!!

if you cough 10 times spin around twice and eat a ginger cat roasted it will go away. glad i could help.

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