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 What causes knees to pop?
My left knee pops sometimes when I walk. I even get a dull pain/ache when I bend it at times. Sometimes It hurts enough that I won't bother bending it for a few minutes on end.


 I haven't been feeling good lately?
My heart has been skipping beats. I've been short of breath, chest pains and high blood pressure. I never have any energy anymore, I feel like Im trapped in a 80 yr old body. Im only 30. I have ...

 Snowball to they eye.... help for the pain?
About a day or two ago, I got a snowball to the eye (I say snow, it was more like ice!) and my eye really hurts!
It's really red and bloodshot, hurts when I blink or rub my eye... I think ...

 Numbness in my legs at night?
At night my legs sometimes one or the other and my ankles, feel as if they are numb, not totally numb but numb.
It makes it very uncomfortable to get to sleep and it's just a horrible ...

 First Time Going to a Pain Management Doctor?
I have been referred to a pain management doctor. I am 20 years old. I have had a chronic ulcer on my lower leg since September of 2007. The wound varies. Sometimes it will get bigger and sometimes ...

 has my physiotherapist been out of order today?
My 3rd session today for left hip ache/pain. I also have low left abdominal pain, which feels 'separate' to this ( I had left ovaries removed then another operation for adhesions in this ...

 I feel soo down right now =/ help please?
What ever i seem to do.. it never works... i try to loose weight.. try to sort my looks out and everything but the more things i try at the worse the problem gets
like i try and be nicer to my ...

 always feel hungry even when im not?
Lately my tummy always burning, like the feeling you get when your staving and havent eaten all day. I eat a full meal and poof a few hours later its growing and buring like im hungry again. im not ...

 extreme money problems please help?
Well im not very wealthy thats for sure. I live in a motel becasue of the little money that i do have. i was tierd of people making fun at me for being poor so i decided to buy a ferrari. i borrowed 5...

 What do I do about my constant headaches?
I've been getting these terrible headaches in school that are right behind my eyes. I'm not under an abnormal amount of stress, been drinking plenty of water, and not straining my eyes. I�...

 Is it better to take a vitamin tablet in the morning or evening ?
Or doesn't it make any difference !...

 Chest pain from bad sleeping habit?
So I've been having chest pain since I started having a really bad sleeping habit. I pull all nighters constantly, and I take 2-3 hour naps in the evening. I usually get about 5-6 hours sleep in ...

 Do I have apendicitis...?
I ahve fever my side isn't that bad but it could get worse...I am coughing...could it just be the Flu and some side pain?

(I will update this question if pains get worse...or better)<...

 a little chest pain when i inhale ciggarette smoke?
this only happens when i inhale the smoke not any other time ive smoked, New Ports Winstons Marboro lights and salems ive only been smoking for a couple of months please help me i know the dangers ...

 why do kiwis hurt my tongue?
I had two kiwis and now my tongue is sore and stinging? What can I do to make it feel better and why did this happen?
Additional Details
:) thank you! the bread idea worked :D

 Wondering something felt on rib?
I just pushed up on my left rib, and realized something on it felt... wobbely and it felt uncomfortable, scarred me actually, and I pushed up on my right ribs and I didn't feel anything. It ...

 Best way to deal with pain from fibromyalgia?
I have semi-diagnosed fibromyalgia (don't ask) in my legs and I have meds for the inflammation but I'm wondering if there are other ways to deal with it.

Sometimes the pain is so ...

 does pulling a face muscle cause?
you to having a clicking jaw on one side of you face and a swollen cheek.....

 What is the best way to cope/deal with Withdrawals?
Long stories, combined and shortened: Pretty much I have had it! I am at my last straw with this guy I am dating now.
When we met I didn’t know some of the things I know now and let’s just ...

 i take 5 mg. of methadone a day for severe pain,whats the best medication to take for withdrawal?

Aleesia B
does it hurt to get fingered?
ok so iv never been asked to get fingered before but i wanted to no if it hurts to get fingered if u never had a period and i want do it but im not sure and will it be enjoyable? or uncomfertable because i though about it and want to no wat it will feel like ok?! thanx


Mikey D
i dont think ull like it an it wont hurt for one finger but it might be uncomfertable

Shauna Kasey
are you serious? how old are you? if you're too young to have your period, then you're too young to get fingered... can't children just be children anymore?

Try Keeping your Hands away from that Area. The less you touch it the better it is for you.

When it comes to being fingered if the person does it right as in enters ONE finger in slowly and doesn't ram/jam their finger in there it shouldn't hurt. They should take their time and go slow with massaging strokes. Now they can go faster or harder depending on what you like. The more you have it done the less it will hurt or be uncomfortable.

Remember a female is very sensitive down there. You will have to let your partner know just how lightly or hard to touch you depending on what you like. Remember they wont get it right the first few times they try it. It takes a while, but hang in there before you know it you will be coaching them to be the best you ever had. :-))

As for as not having a period before this is done will it hurt? Again it all goes back to what I said above. It really doesn't matter to much if you have or haven't had a period yet.

I hope this helps

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