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 How to get rid of hand cramp/rsi?
My right hand and to a lesser degree my left hurts like hell(I think through typing)But even if I dont type for a week as soon as I start again it hurts like ****.
What helps?
and I ...

 what are the symptoms of neuropathy?
What are the symptoms of neuropathy?
ok for the past few months i have been having weakness manly on my left side and sometimes on my right. now when i say weakness i mean numbness, and tingling....

 Ankle aches problems?
Hi there.

I have been having this problem of my ankle getting really bad aches since young.
Till today it still appears. When i was young it use to just ache without any reason.

 Why are my upper arms so sensitive?
Whenever someone even lightly hits my upper arms, it hurts so much! It doesn't feel like a pain in my muscle but just the fleshy area. My arms have been like this for so long. Is it normal for ...

 How to safely come off Vicodin?
Hello I have been on Vicodin for about 4 months now due to a stomach problem. Well I'm sick of needing it and decided to stop the pills, and to my extreme surprise I experienced with drawl ...

 Why does my chest hurt when I breath in deeply ?
Ok so im 15 years old and today in class i yawned and then suddenly my chest started hurting when i breathed in heavy. The pain is around the middle of my chest. I have no idea how serious it is or ...

 Small burn in roof of my mouth, painful to eat. Any suggestions to help the pain?
I have this incredibly painful burn/sore in the roof of my mouth. What can I do to make it hurt less? Everything I eat hurts!!!...

 Is there any way that will help me stop cracking my knuckles?
Is there any way that will help me stop cracking my knuckles?

I've only been doing it for a couple of mouths but my hands do look fatter and there just big and I hate the feeling..

 What causes severe stomach pains?
Every night before bed I have been getting bad stomach pains. It feels like a lot of pressure right above my belly button, kind of like a gassy feeling. Any ideas of what is wrong?? Please help

 MRI says my back has a bulging disk laterally on the left at L5-S1, How come they didn't recommend treatment?
Off and on for 2 years now I have been getting pains in the bottom/left part of my back for a couple weeks at a time and then it goes away and stays away for more than a couple of months. This time ...

 Pain Med Question regarding Hydrocodone/Oxycontin....?
I have been prescribed Hydrocodone 10mg/500mg acetaminophine and Oxycontin 60 mg to take both on a daily basis for chronic back/ neck pain from a terrible car accident I was in. I've been taking ...

 I'm 16 and sometimes but not all the time i get this very sharp piercing pain in my chest.Why?
When it occurs it hurts more when i take deep breaths. But then after a few seconds it goes away and i'm fine....

 I have a sever headached on the front right side of my head.?
My eyes also itch a lot like I am sleepy. The headache started yesterday morning and I went to bed with the headache and now have woken up with the headache which is a little more intense. I can ...

Its been like this for 3 days and it gets worse as the days go by. I can barelyswallow, especially in the morning, and when i do, the drink doesnt even help. I've tried drops, lozenges, and ...

 I am 50 years old, last night my left arm was completely numb and this morning a have chest pain?
Last nigh about 2:00 am my left arm all the way to my fingers were completely numb, this morning I feel a mild thighness in my chest mix with a pleasurable pain, what can it be....

 Do you wake up with a song in your head/?
I almost always wake with a song already playing in my head. It's like there is a giant MP3 player set on shuffle in there. And it's never anything I have recently heard. It's ...

 when put food in my mouth I feel as if I have to spit it out! Is something wrong with me or am I just tense?

Additional Details
Btw I am not Anorexic or Bolemic!...

 Non-pharmaceutical method to lessen Tramadol (Ultram) withdrawal.?
My friend has been on Ultram 50mg every 3-4 hours for chronic back pain. His doctor has now cut off his supply cold-turkey. He is having terrible withdrawal symptoms; is there any way to decrease ...

 Lower back pain & sometimes abdominal pain at the right side below my rib.?
What is it?
I've been diagnosed with Gonorrhea before but sure it has been treated.
Does it have a chance of showing up again even it was treated by antibiotics?
Should i go ...

 Sometimes when I take a breath I feel pain in the left hand side of my chest what can this be?
I recently (1 month ago) went to a cardiologist to check out my heart and they told me everything was fine with my heart and I could go back to exercising. Also it hurts but not when I am doing ...

could it be my kidney that's making me hurt?
For the past two days I have been hurting in my right side.It was lower towards my abdominal area on the right side but now its my side and my back that's hurting me. Every time my son pounces on me I want to scream. Its worrying me because I only have one kidney, which is my right and I know your kidney can make you hurt there. But I don't think Ive done anything to damage it. my right side feels like it is drawing up when it aches, could it be constipation that's causing it as well? its more of a sharp jabbing feeling but then it aches so bad i cant stand for it to be touched. thank you
Additional Details
I dont urinate alot but i assume its because I dont drink enough water, but I have no burning or hurting when I go to the restroom. I have had ALOT of bladder infections so I know thats not what it is. I do have ovarian cist but its not hurting anymore in my abdominal area. ( just my side and back) BUT another concern that has happened is there were traces of blood in my urine?? I dont know what that means, ive heard diff things.


Inception July 16
ya prob

Please go see the doctor ASAP. Yes, it could be constipation, but do you really want to take a chance with your only kidney?

Michelle *
I had the same exact problem!
It could be what you are eating, or how much liquid you consumed, could be a sign that your overweight, or that you just pack too much stuff into your stomach at once.
It is a weird feeling, and try not to have your son 'pounce' on you, b/c it really does hurt.
I hope this helped, b/c i went to my doctor about it and she said try to cut back on eating all at once, etc.

You need to make an appt to see your doctor straight away.

Have you had any problems urinating? Are you drinking enough fluids??? You need a urinalysis to check out whats happening in your urinary system.

It could also be your appendix - the pain can often be referred to the back when in actual fact there is inflammation of the appendix.

you just need to go to the doctor,something is not right, although it could be your kidneys it could be a number of different things, appendix, ovarian cyst,or an ectopic pregnancy.It could also be a female infection it is hard to say but I will tell u go to the doctor.cause any of those can be serious.good luck.

If you think it's your kidney and you only have one left, don't mess around. Go see your doctor ASAP.

мᴀD Dσɢ
I do not want to make you panic but please go see a doctor right now.

It's better to go now than to wait a few more months.

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