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 does that commercial for lyrica make you realize there is a such a thing as fibromyalgia?
everytime I see the one where the womans skin looks bruised,I get mad that people never believed me when they grabbed me and I screamed. That spot would hurt for hours...like it had just been done ...

 i have a sharp pain in my back intermittently. What can it be?
The pain comes for a few seconds then leaves. It used to be when I wake up but now it comes during the day. Not every day, just once in a week....

 Migraines, and Headaches (Help)?
hi all, Migraines, and Headaches i like some adive please

why dont doctors listne to us when we say about our Migraines, and Headaches pain, i had a lot of Migraines, and Headaches for ...

 Wrist Cutting, please help.?
I have been cutting my wrists since october, I don't do it with a knife, I just do it far enough so it bleeds a little and leaves a shallow mark, how can I stop?...

 how to get rid of a headache?
I have this big 'ol headache, and it's killing me. I slept a little bit, but my head still hurts. what are some other remedies? thanks in advance :] oh, and I also tried aspirin....

 Is Ambien better to take than a prescrip pain med? I take a small dose almost every night due to back pain.?

 I'm 30 weeks pregnant and getting searing pains in my upper abs, any idea why?
It burns most of the time but I'm in a great deal of pain when I make a movement like doing up my jacket zip or pushing myself up.

IThe area goes rock hard and has hurt for about 2 ...

 I was worried i wake up every morning my right hand always numb?

 My throat just recently began to get sore, what are some ways to make in go away before a cold kicks in?
I have prom next weekend and I really do not want to be sick......

 What causes kidney stones? is there anything one can do to prevent them happening again?

 what's good for migraine headache?
I need some advice on this matter i already been to the doctor;'s and speacialist and im tired taking to much pills i need home remedies....

 How do you make a burnt tongue feel better?
I got a cappuccino today and I was drinking it when it was really hot and I burned my tongue and it still hurts from this morning!...

 why does eating cause a migraine/?
every time i eat anything, i get a raging migraine. why?...

 very painful sore throat?
i've had a bad cold the past 3 days and in result my throat is sore and hurts. i can barely swallow anything because it really is very uncomfortable. i can barely sleep at night without having ...

 I think I might need my appendix token out but im not sure these pains are so bad. Please help!?
I have pains like a couple of inches from my belly button on the right side. But they pains start there and go around to my right side of my back like where my kidney is. It hurts for to do anything. ...

 how are you feeling when you wake up in the morning?

 Headache help?
Since about 2 or 3 weeks ago I started to feel like someone is stabbing (usually back and left part of) my head from time to time.Strong and short pain which lasts for less than 30 seconds - occurs ...

 can you take asprin while taking ibuprofen?
im takin dispersible asprin, n wondered if it ok to take ibuprofen aswel?...

 I'm looking for anyone with chronic pain of the tailbone. What has worked for you?
I have seen 10 Drs.- they can't find the cause- no break or inflamed bone. I've had this 5 yrs....

 Keep feeling dizzy and yesterday eyes went weird?
Keep feeling really dizzy?
And Yesterday my eyes went weird and i couldnt see anything properly,
like a bright light in my eyes for a while.
Once that went i was left with a huge ...

kimberly s
can yoy do meth and methadone together?

Why not toss in some Crack and do the job up fine while you're at it

why would you act such an idiotic question. this must be a joke! if not then YES is the answer. it is one of the best ideas I've ever heard of. sounds great especially on Christams day. i'm sure your family and friends would be thrilled.

that;s a nice question to ask on christmas.

loljkjk idk

i know a kid that did it, and he died. one is an upper, one is a downer. dont do that to your body.

No you can't mix those. These idiots where I live mixed those into pills and tried selling them. Some guys I used to smoke meth with took some and one died and the other had severe brain damage. You should never mix drugs.

tim g
No, It's hard on the heart.

Killer Queen
If you want to die.

Dade County
hmmmm I don't know I like to stay alive

This is very much like the old combination of speed and heroin, or cocaine and heroin, called a "speedball". These two kinds of drugs push your body and brain in opposite directions. This is a great deal of strain on your system. Many people have died from using these drugs in combination. Speedball use was a contributor to the cause of several high-profile deaths, including those of Hillel Slovak, Brent Mydland, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Layne Staley, River Phoenix, Mitch Hedberg, Eric Show, Zac Foley, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Do one or the other (in moderate amounts) but not the two together.

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