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 How can workers comp insurance agents get away with getting the proper medical treatment for head/neck injury?
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 my sister has degeneration of the spinal column they want her to go on a morphine drip for the pain good idea?
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 CORTISONE - flare and?
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besides icing what can I do to reduce swelling?
hand almost broke inbetween car door and is swollen. any suuggestions?

eat & take motrin 600 mg every 6 hours
you can also wrap it with an ace bandage

Elevate it... ice it... and take an anti-inflammatory like Aleve or Advil.*

Well i would say go to the hosptail, or your doctor cause you never know what u could have really damaged, if you dont wont to go i suggest ice or even a cold rag make sure u wrap the ice in something though that way it wont be too cold on your hand causeing more problems try to avoid useing ur hand, also to reduce the pain you could switch out the ice bags with a warm rag or even soak your hand in warm water for a bit this will help more blood to the area to promote healing. You can even take advil or alieve and you can elevate ur hand.
i hope i helped hope ur hand will get to feeling better! good luck

bill l
yes you can elevate your hand . you should have you hand higher then your heart. lie down and just have your hand on your chest above your heart perhaps on a pillow as well.
you may also want to take some anti inflammatory medications. keep your hand still as much as possible .

after I had surgery on my hand I was told to keep it above my heart for 24 hours

try alternating heat and ice to make the swelling go down quicker and also take aleve or advil and that will help with the inflammation too... make sure u keep your foot above heart level and that will reduce the swelling also...

NSAIDS - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
ex: Motrin, Advil, naprosyn
these don't need a prescription
you should know if you are able to take these, but just to be on the safe side, consult your pharmacist first

First I am assuming that you have already been to the Doc and hade it X-rayed.
Then follow R.I.C.E = rest, Ice, Compressing (when useing it), Elevating above the heart. You don't have to put it over the head but maybe up on a pillow while you are laying down.
There is one trick that I learned playing sports. Take a bucket (or pan) of ice water and a bucket of warm water. Whatever you use should be deep enough to submerge your whole hand. Make sure the warm water is just warm and not hot, test it before you use it. For one hour (or as long as you can stand) submerge your hand in the ice water for 10min and the put it in the warm water for 2min. This is not pleasent and hurts alot. The cold water not only reduces swelling but causes vasoconstriction, the warm water causes vasodialation. The opening and closeing of the viens acts like and internal pump to help get the swelling out. However again it is not pleasent and usually quite painful. If you don't want to do that then just follow the R.I.C.E method above. Make sure that when you are not useing it that you keep your hand unwrapped. Compression wraps can protect a limb when you are useing it but it can also constrict blood flow, and you want as much good blood flow into the hand as possible. When the pain starts to go away the start squeezing a tennis ball. This will help you regain strength and also help remove swelling. Use advil, alieve, if you can as an anti-inflammitory. Good Luck.

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