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 How do knots form?
I understand that it's someting to do with the muscle like tightning or something, but how does this happen and what exactly are they?

 Why does HALF of my head always hurt??? I'm afraid can you help me?

Additional Details
i do not wear glasses but my vision seems kinda blurry, but not to much....

 How do you get rid of a headache?
I've had this for 3 weeks now. At first I thought it was stress. Then a friend said dehydration. All I know is it's starting to make me testy and I'm sick of taking stuff that doesn&...

 I have a pain in my left shoulder when breath and use my stomach muscles. It doesn't seem to be going away.
I have a pain in my left shoulder when breath and use my stomach muscles. It doesn't seem to be going away. If you have any idea how to get rid of it or what it is, please answer. Thanks!...

 Neck pain!!!?
for the last couple of weeks i've been waking up w/ severe neck pain, the kind that i can barely turn or look down :( I'm sure it's because i'm sleeping wrong but i've tried ...

 wen i lie down my legs get really restless and my kneecaps get sore untill i stand up.Then my knees go stiff?
if i kneel down, my legs get sore,when i stand up,it feels like the muscles are pulling slightly and then i get dizzy. what is it!?
Im active.... ( i dance, run etc)...

 i think, maybe, i am dying.?
since the beginning of the year i've been in pain. like, for a few days it's my jaw that hurts, then that stops hurting and my leg hurts, then the day after that it stops hurting and i get ...

 What is the best treatment for back sciatica pain?
I have bad sciatica pain I believe I got from carrying my baby and breastfeeding in bad positions. What is the best way to treat sciatica?...

 C4/C5 bulging disc. Any success stories w/o surgery?
I'm a 42 man and I have been in physical therapy for 4 mos. I still have neck shoulder and arm pain. Therapy & stretching seems to have mostly knocked out my migraines. Anyone similar ...

 Is dizziness and vertigo a symptom of cervical myelopathy?
I have been having a horrible time with pain, numbness and when I stand up and walk for any length of time I get terrible headaches, dizziness, and veritgo. I also find that my legs get so weak that ...

 why is my neck constantly cracking?
For the past 3 weeks the left side of my neck (back side) cracks. The desciption of the feeling is like your knuckle cracking. Not only is this annoying every sngle day it also starts up around the ...

 shooting pains up your bum?
Does anyone get a shooting pain that goes up your bum? It feels like a lightening bolt......if so what is it? I know its a strange question,but its one i need answering.ANYONE?...

 What causes CHARLEY HORSE cramps in lower leg?

 cure for aching muscles?
I've just joined the track team at my highschool, and after the first few days of practice my legs are so sore that I can barely walk. I know that after a few weeks it will get better, but is ...

 why do i sometimes tingle when i listen to music?

 Symphony of symptoms (yeast infection/lump on neck/ red eyes)?
I've been sick for a few days with (in this order):
-A lump on my neck. Just like a small lump.
-The next day I had horrible neck pain, I went to the doctor and said I had pulled a ...

 the pain that i had is gone now due to some meds. that i was taking and i thank ya'll fo tha input... holla

 Chronic/severe pain patients?
What causes your chronic/severe pain, how old are you, how long have you had it, and what have you found that helps your pain the most? Just curious as to what other people are dealing with.


 is ms cotin 30mg better and stronger then oxycodone 30mg?

 I have pain in my joints/nerves, what's wrong with me?
I've had increasing pain in my knees, back, and elbows that seems to be getting worse. Now to where I have shooting pain at different times and have found it hard to function. Does anyone have ...

Why, whenever I am stressed does my left shoulder hurt?
I feel sharp pain like someone is stabbing me with a pin in my shoulder, only the left one and I've noticed I only ever feel this discomfort when I am particularly stressed and upset.

Justin The Genius
that could be early signs of minor stroke or heart problems

when pain occurs in your body it's your body's reactions of releasing endorphins out by pain
to find more answers search "does stress hurt" on yahoo search"

tommy s
it happens often to people who where injured

amie g
mine hurts too when i get stressed and i always thought that that is where i put my stress. but it could also be just cause your muscles are tense and what not.

One possible reason is that the left arm is an area of reference pain for heart pains and strokes. I am not saying you'd be having one, but during times of high stress, your blood system may be working extra hard or pressured and thus causing similar reference pains. I don't know your age but maybe blood pressure could be an issue. People with high stress levels often have to take BP medicine

your muscles tense up because of the stress/tension in your life and this is causing the pain.

possibly you are tensing your muscles on that side that you may not be aware of try to relax your muscles

Stacey Lee K
i always get it when im stressed i also have chest pains plus heart disease is hereditory in my mothers family, im only 19 and yes i panic about it but i have been to my gp he done blood tests and E.C.G and it came back of normal function.. so im not sure what it could be nothing to worry about though i suppose its life... it could also be a anxiety flush.. i wouldnt be to worried or check it out with your gp x

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