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 any cough remedies?
i have a really bad cough and whatever i do cant seem to get rid of it. does anyone know anyhting i can do
besides take medicine?...

 Is smoking marijuana better for you than smoking cigarettes?
I don't condone either one but it seems with all of the controversy as whether to legalize marijuana studies would have been done to
Additional Details
show the contrasting health ...

 Dr.Frank:- As a doctor of long standing, why haven't you used the placebo effect and save the NHS money?

 What is there naturally to help with Bipolar disorder?

 Any Natural cures for water retention?
I have tendency to retain water is there something that I can do or change in my diet do you think that adding more fiber would help?...

 Has anyone ever had an inner ear infection/vertigo? How long did it last? How was it treated?
Share your experience?...

 Can you give me an information about the mixture of ginger and coconut oil for joint pains?
I read from an article that tthe mixture of oil and ginger can ease rheumatism.. how?? what are the components of it? Can we make a flovor through it? At what flavor?...

 I got a bottle of Colostrum ( chewable pills ) . What is is ? and whats it for ?

 What successful natural remedies has anyone tried for keloids?
I have a keloid on my jawline and it isn't so much a problem with the way it looks but that it is slightly painful to the touch. I am hoping someone has had some luck with some natural remedies ...

 If anti-depressants help people, why have suicides dramatically gone up in the last 20 years?
Don't get me wrong, I've seen people dramatically helped by these medicines, including in my direct family.
But you would expect to see a significant drop in suicides which are almost ...

 Availability of melatonin 5HTP?
Is it legal to buy this in the UK?...

 Sleep and relaxation?
what are the best ways to relax into a deep sleep?...

 Which natural Spices/Herbs lower Cholosterol and LDL?

 Medicines for migraines?
Any suggested medicines for migraines?...

 Has anyone ever had 'ACUPUNCTURE' ?
To cure any ailments or problems such as migraines, bladder infections, dieting?
Additional Details
What did it feel like to you?...

 I recently went to see a doctor?
I was given a presciption, but my main concern is COST. Based on customer service, which company would you rate top nouch?...

 is there a list of alternative healthcare practitioners of southeast missouri ?

 is heroin legally used as medicine?
my classmate and i are researching heroin. my website says it's used as a pain remedy and her website says it's illegal for anything, even medicinal purposes.
which one's right??...

 What are some natural alternatives to fighting fatigue?

 what is the difference between Holistic Dr.,Naturopathic,Herbologist,Herbalist,H…
I want to study one of those and get some sort of degree and get good pay.But i'm not sure if its a good idea.My passion is learning about herbs and natural rememdies and i would love if i can ...

What is the white, oblong pill marked with a V on one side,and 35 96 on the other? Really need help with this?

go to www.drugs.com and go to the pill identifier....works real well

Just Lisa
Sounds like a vic. Look it up on a pill identification sight. But its most likely a vicadin 500.


Sounds like a valium, but it can be anything. You can check if its ecstacy, look online.

check this out...very good info on finding your pill's info

roger w
This pill is Acetaminophen 500mg with Hydrocodone 7.5mg (narcotic analgesic) by VINTAGE PHARMACEUTICALS


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