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 my mom woke up with a swollen knee.. it's gotten worse and she didn't pull any muscles?
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help !...

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It started off mild and then went. Then it came back a ...

 pain meds questions whats been going on?
where pharm with insurance can you get them? in south fla name some goooooooood doctors I have one but want a better one! name some and what you get qty & try to talk in code i am a robot haha J...

 for real M.D.'s.......back pain....muscle or nerve?
is this a common bach ache or more serious........

lower right side and all the way down to my shin

at first the pain was only at my tail bone
then it included the top of ...

 Why does blowing on a scrape or abrasion make it hurt less?
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 Migraine remedies...?
I know that there's no permanent cure for migraine... u have to learn to live with it. At best, its effect can be reduced. So, i m asking if anyone knows something that would ease the pain, or ...

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 what should i do about my knee?
lately whenever i walk my right knee has a stabbing pain and when i sit down it gets worse it's been like this for about two-three weeks. It's also very swollen.
My parents keep ...

Ivan C
Why do my knees hurt?
It feels like my knees have to pop and it hurts when I bend down. I dont understand because I havent done anything to make my knees to hurt and feel like this. My elbows sometimes ache like this too.
Additional Details
Im only 17!

There doesn't need to be a reason for BURSITIS, BUT it's incredibly PAINFUL. You could find yourself in the emergency room for pain control because tylenol might not touch it.

Bursitis is the most painful and it's difficult to bear weight. If you have an anti inflammatory, this will take down the swelling and pain fast. If it isn't working then you need to see your doctor asap to try a different prescription.

You should take it as directed on the bottle. If it says every 4 hours, then you take it every 4 hours. If you take it as needed, you might as well not even waste the doctor's time.

A lot of people think taking on as needed basis is better. It does nothing if it doesn't retain a build up of the medication so it can attack the inflammation.


Sit on the side of your bed with both legs draped over. Try to straighten the knee. You may hear crunching, popping, etc. Keep doing it, up and down, up and down, like a handle on a pump...you'll need to keep doing it 4-6x a day.

You could also lie down on your bed. Lift your knees up and now try and move them like you would on a bicycle....keep doing it until all noise disappears from the knee ~ do not exceed 5 minutes.

Continue to do this, take anti inflammatories, ice the pain, and then warm the tendons.

***if you have puffy, swelling, and pressure increasing your pain, you may need to see the doctor to have the water drained.


sounds like arthritis. see a doc for an evaluation. there are meds to control pain.

could be cancer.

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