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my upper left shoulder BURNS sometimes when im walking or just sitting

then it hurts for the rest of the day

when i rub it i feel like a long (going down) bumpish thing that ...

 how does migraine medicine work?
i have midrin.......does it affect blood flow/pressure?....i feel cold after taking it......

if yes, then im assuming migraines can be treated with blood pressure medication?


 Is is wrong to just want to use pain management for migraines? Are there doctors who will do this?
I have been suffering from migraines forever! I have complicated migraines, with peripheral vision loss and numbness in both sides occasionally. I have tried about 4 different preventative meds and I ...

 HELP my throbbing headache wont go away!?
I've had a headache for 4 days straight and i've tried everything! im drinking water, getting enough sleep, and i tried every kind of pain med i could find in my house.

how can i ...

 Is it not to late to fix my bad back posture?
Hi guys, I have a problem. I have a back that is beginning to resemble a hunchback. I am 16, is it not too late for me to fix my back?...

 im 15 and having lower back pain!!?
im a 15 year old boy, i have sever arthritis in my lower back, a minor buldged disk, and the bones in my back are deteriorating... i know its screwd up, but i need help. i dont go back to the doctor ...

 i have a backache what should i do?
i went to sleep and woke up with a little backache i drank motrin and its getting better but is thier a way to relief it faster i have a soccer practice tomorrow? should i put heat pad it on my lower ...

 While i woke up in morning i found a lizard in my bed dead. i am fear of that. will there be any problem due t?
i am fear that anything will happen wrongly due to ...

 what are the side effects for morphine e 653 30 mg? is it like oxycontin or better? ?

 what is the pain in my neck(upper left area) whenever i do certain weightlifting workouts like squat or pushup
when i did squats the other day, i did 185 lb 17 times n i was fine, then i did another set 24 times n then a sharp pain came right up my neck when i set the bar down. then a couple days later i was ...

 Do Painkillers make you fall asleep?
Is it me or do pain killers like paracetamol, make you feel sleepy... they make me feel very tired after about 20 mins after i've taken ...

 Why is my heel has a sharp pain? How to cure it?
I have a sharp pain in my right heel since 3 days...especially in the morning, after waking up.

I have used chinese herbal oil to rub, and hopefully the sharp pain is gone. But, it never, ...

 I had surgery on my shoulder?
yes in April I had surgery on my shoulder i fell down and got a spur on my rotor-cup. so they operated and removed it and clean it up. They did this with laser treatment. I went to surgery and ...

 Oxycontin 20 from Lortab 10?
II have been givin Oxycontin 20 for my severe arthritis..and Neck injury...I have been taking 4 lortab 10 A day for 2 years and my knees are hurting real bad due to the winter months...Can anyone ...

 Neck/Jaw issue! Help!?
I noticed randomly today i have a dull achy-ish pain on the underside of my jaw and a little on my neck when i press on it or clench my jaw or tilt my head all the way back. When i don't touch ...

 Why does it hurt at the neck and the shoulder when people play violin?
For this question, i want somebody that could help me find resources WHY does it hurt when you play and HOW it became hurting. Example for somebody answering like this: It hurts maybe because of ...

 Does Viagra give you a stiff neck if it gets stuck in your throat?

 what doctor should I see for my migraine headaches?

 i fell in the bathroom and broke 2 ribs?
its been about a week and i still have a real sore side. the doctor says it will take 3 weeks or so to heal. the pain medication gets me sick. what should i take?...

 what to do when you have toes cramp (your toes stick together)?
your toes become numb and it's very painful. what is the cause?
Additional Details
your toes get numb and stick together. it happens when i try to stretch my feet.. what is the ...

Why do I pass out whenever my body loses blood or feels pain? eg, cut to the finger, period, back ache etc?
I've been passing out/fainting since I was about 12. I'm nearly 25. It started when I first started having periods. I would have awful pains during the night, a couple of days before I was about to have my period, and then I'd have hot/cold flushes, and then I'd know I was going to faint, and just hit the ground. I only ever had periods 3 or 4 times a year, and then I stopped having periods altogether when I was about 16. I went to the doctor obviously, and I was told that I have Policystic Ovary Syndrome. As a consequence of not having periods anymore, I don't faint/pass out as regularly, but when my body experiences sudden pain or blood loss, I get the old familiar feeling that I'm about to pass out, and do. Last night I cut my thumb with a kitchen knife, went to the sink to wash it, and then knew I was going to pass out. I was home alone, and woke up screaming on the kitchen floor with blood all over my legs and arms and floor. Does anyone else experience this at all, and does anyone know why it happens? I've been to the doctor so many times and I've just not had any decent advice or explanation whatsoever. Thanks guys.

Susan Yarrawonga
This is a mind over matter problem. You are allowing yourself to faint because you cave in at the sight of blood or when you feel pain. It is a phobia that can be overcome with supreme and extreme willpower. With immense and intense determination you must switch off when you feel pain or see blood and concentrate very hard on something else.

Self hypnosis might perhaps help.

Perhaps you can find some useful information in web searches for "blood phobia" + "natural remedies" and "pain phobia" + "natural remedies".

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