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 Plantar Fascitis? How long does it take to heal?
I think i might have plantar fascitis in my foot. Most of the summer, i have worn flip flops, almost every day except for when i have PE and softball. The bottom part of my foot hurts really bad. I ...

 Methadone and klonopin?
My doc prescribed me methadone and klonopin recently for pain. I'm also on many other drugs for a neurological condition. I took my first methadone last night at 8:00 pm. It was 5 mgs. I felt ...

 Why do I have hair growing on the bottom of my left foot, but not my right?

 My mom cant walk.....please help?
We took her too tons of doctors and yesterday we took her to the emergency room. Nobody can help!!!! She stays in bed all the time and when she tries to roll over sometimes she will scream from pain. ...

 does Losing your viginity hurt?
I want to Know if it Hurts On a M...

 throbbing headache on the back right side of my head?
my head is throbbing but only in one small spot on he back of my head. Its fine when I lay down but when I get up it throbs and hurts really bad in that one spot. The rest of my head aches a little ...

 What would u recommend 4 stomach pain?
I usually get like burning pains and I feel like the acid from the stomach comes out, this usually happens when I eat 2 much bread, but what kind of meds would u recommend me 4 this?
Additional ...

 Extreme sharp chest pain?
I went to a walk-in-clinic and was told I have pneumonia. I have a history of pneumonia, so they assumed this without taking x-rays.

Yesterday I was able to eat very little, because I ...

 Im worried about my head ....WHAT DO I HAVE????? please help?
I dont know what I have and I need help!!!
I been having like headaches during this week. yesterday i was OK but today when i was taking my final exam I got like this headache mixed with ...

 Chronic lower back pains, right side.?
I get chronic lower back pains annually. I can't remember not getting them even mildly when i was a kid. I think it maybe a nerve or something because i try stretching often and I've ...

 Go to the physio or wait and see if the pain goes away?
I've done something to my right quad at dancing-dont know what though. It's really tense, I can't do the splits, can't do what my avatar is doing, can't walk properly-all of ...

 Pain killers addiction?
Two years ago I had a bike accident, I had suffered from a broken leg and fracture ankle. I was in the hospital for 1 month with a broken leg waiting for surgery. Now I have a pain killer addiction ...

 i went to see a pain management for the first time and he made me feel?
so uncomfortable, he asked me to put a gown on and i did, he opened up my gown in the back and started checking my back problems then he made me do things like exercise with my gown open i was so ...

 How do I give myself a neck adjustment? ?
I used to go to a chiropractor, but now with the economy being what it is, No can do. I need to hear the "crack crack crack" for my headaches to dissappear!
Additional Details

 migraine advice?
Have migraine all day. Ive layed down on and off in dark room.. Taken tylenol( its the only thing doc will let me take with my blood pressure probs) any tips on easing the pain? any advice is ...

 What drug schedules can Nurse Practitioners prescribe?
My pain clinic has a new Nurse Practitioner. I saw her at my regular appointment yesterday because my doctor was out of town. She wrote my regular Oxycontin prescription (40 mgs) and upped my ...

 Some questions about painkiller abuse?
Where can people who are addicted to painkillers get help?
Also, what are the consequences of getting caught abusing painkillers?
Does addiction depend on the person?
Thanks in ...

 I have been getting muscle cramps in my calves during my soccer games lately what do i do?
About half way through the 2nd 45 minute half one of my calves just cramps up and i cant run from then on, so my game is over. I am wondering what I can do to prevent this from happening. and then ...

 I am so scared right now, please help! I have recently had a an MRIof my brain and neck. I was having?
electric shocks in my head and down my arm, I have bad disks in my neck and back also I stopped taking effexor and the dr said it could b ms or nerve pain ?? neurologist ordered mri, i just got the ...

 Knee problems help please?
When I squat my left knee cracks and my right knee hurts.With each squat my right knee hurts more and my left knee cracks louder.This happens ALWAYS.Even if I rest for a month.My left knee usualy ...

Jumpin' Lemur
Why do I keep getting cramps? :-(?
Hey people!
Today I keep having cramps in my hip and both feet and it hurts soooo much!!! All I have to do is move my foot slightly and hey presto! One cramp. Boohoo! Any idea why this could be happening? I am getting over a cold if that helps, don't know if it is related but oh well!
Additional Details
No chance of being pregnant!!

Saberi C
your not pregnant are you??

if you are a girl beacause of your period

All of the vitamins in bananas are VERY good for cramps! Takes them away fast!

you need some minerals..don't know which though..magnesium i think

Do you drink a lot of soda pop? It sounds like you have a deficiency of Potassium. That's the number one cause of cramps.

eat bananas to stop cramps

See your health care provider as soon as possible. A cramp is a sudden, brief, usually painful contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. Drinking plenty of fluids (particularly beverages that contain potassium) after exercise also helps to prevent cramps.

Most of the drugs prescribed to relieve cramps (including quine sulfate, magnesium carbonate, and benzodiazepines such as diazepam) have not proven to be effective and can cause side effects. Calcium supplements are well tolerated, but they also have not proven to be effective. Mexiletine some times helps but has many side effects.

If the cause isn't muscle fatigue, your physician may find other, possibly treatable causes. These can include circulatory problems, hyperventilation, an underactive thyroid, and low blood levels of calcium or (rarely) magnesium. And good luck.

because when your body doesn't aniticipate you doing sudden work (when you aren't using your muschles) and then you do it cramps up. and yes i heard bananas help because the have potasium.

Maybe you tweaked something? Take a nice hot bath and relax. Try taking in some potassium like a banana.

Richard C
Muscle cramps are caused by fatigue and not by dehydration or loss of electrolytes. If those were the reason for cramps and when it is the reason then the cramps are all over the body not in just one or two muscles. There are two sets of reflexes that control what happens to muscles and when one is on the other is off. So simply put what you are doing somewhere in the course of your day is fatiguing those muscles enough that they are reacting this way. The way to relieve them is to stretch them out or have someone massage them with the first being the more effective. The type of footwear might be causing the feet to over work thereby causing the problem.

Because you are gaining massive weight,

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