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jodi w
Why are you not supposed to sleep with a heating pad on?

You could be electrocuted, it could catch fire, or more commonly, you could end up with a nasty burn from laying on it too long...
It is an electrical appliance...and should be treated as such...

Ronald M
electrocute you, you might pee the bed

You'll burn yourself if you leave it on too long. those things can get really hot, and if you have it under the blanket, the heat just keeps building up. eventually you can end up with like third degree burns

the warning able on the heating pad says that u arent suppose to but when i get period pains i have to because the pain is so bad and nothing bad ever happend to me and i put if right on my bear skin..the next morning my tummy is a little red and warm but it nothing painful..

don't know, I sleep with an electric blanket turned all the way up to high every night

The most important reason is Risk of Thermal Burn, from leaving it on the Skin/area too long.

Also if it has a frayed cord it could set a fire that you would have noticed when you were awake, but may not notice until too late when asleep.

It is normally okay if you lay it on top of you, but putting it under you for a prolonged amount of time isn't a good idea.

You weight pressing against it increases your chances of getting burned by the Constant heat.

Besides that, I know if I sleep with one under me all night I wake up stiff as a board in the Morning.

The link I provided below gives more information and also an alternative to heating pads.

sweetness #1
because you could give yourself a 2nd or 3rd degree burn that is why they tell you not to sleep with the pad on.

Cherokee Billie
You should not sleep with a heating pad because it can burn your skin and muscles. It's very intense heat on one area and is dangerous.

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