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 Ow! Is it my ovary?
I have a sharp pain right at the top of my hipbone, on my front. It is a sharp, throbbing pain that feels like it is swollen.

My last period ended June 3rd. I think it is my ovary that ...

 Where can i get numbing cream from in the UK? What Pharmacist or store?
I am getting a tattoo and i want to put it on my wrist before i get it done just to help with the pain as i have a low pain threshold. Can anyone tell me which shop/store/pharmacist i can get it from ...

 Sometimes when I stand up I feel sooo dizzy....whats up?
I stand up...and suddenly i feel really dizzy and heavy and want to sit back down. It sometimes gets so bad my vision is clouded.I have never passed out though....what the heck is going on???...

 I want to get my tongue peirced, how bad does it hurt?
So I will finally be 18 at the end of this month. I want my tongue peirced. How bad does it hurt? Do they numb your tongue or what goes on? Since I will be 18 all I need is my ID right?...

 my knees are always popping and they hurt really bad?
Im only 20 and i have a hard time getting up, this has begun about 4 months ago, what could be wrong? I haven't had any injuries....

 I would like to know if anyone knows what could be going on with my head?
Hello guys,

Okay well, I have been noticing these "Attacks" within the last maybe 3-4 months, either they happened before and I took no notice or they just didn't happen, to ...

 I have been taking vicodin....?
I am taking vicodin because i had sergery on my foot. how come i dont feel any different? (exept for the fact that the pain is gone)...

 Why am I aching all over?
I had two kids back to back and have worked out regularly since for the past two years. For the past 6 weeks, not so much due to getting sick and the holidays. I have noticed that Im suffering a ...

 Is there any treatment for muscle twitches?
My left pectoral muscle has started twitching strongly the past week, today it has been at it most of the morning. Twitches so hard it hurts, and my shirt moves as it twitches. Is there any ...

 unexplained dizziness?
so lately no matter wat i do makes me rele light headed and idk wat to do about it..an ive been gettin really bad headaches nothin rele helps...any suggestions?...

 i keep getting a headache everyday and when i push in...?
my temples and above my eyebrows it constantly feels 'bruised' but its not. the headaches wear off by evening and almost completely not there by around 7 until next morning...any ideas-have ...

 Why do shots vary in pain?
I receive flu shots every year and sometimes I barely feel it while other years they are a lot more painful. What makes the difference?...

 What would cause numbness in the hands, face, arms, and legs, and temporary loss of movement in the hands???
I thought stroke maybe, but the person is only 19????...

 Owwwwww, thigh cramp !?
In my right leg, on my thigh, it's got a BAD cramp, when i walk, i can't even feel that leg walking LOL but when i bend it, the cramp suddenly comes, i think it's my stupid mattress i ...

 It was worse luck that a car had struck my foot. Now aches and cramps in my foot.what should I DO?

 Why would I prefer the pain relief, and feeling of Ultram, over Hydrocodone?
I know most people go crazy for Hydrocodone, but I think Ultram is better....

 Are there any doctors in/around Virginia that take a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic pain?
1000 characters isn't enough to tell you all the things we've tried for my husband's mis-diagnosed and mis-treated back....

 Is the bone on the back left side of your head, supposed to be bigger than the one on the right?
Kind of by the ear.
Take a feel.


 Is there any doctors out there that can help me? I am having severe problems after having an EPI.?
I had an epidural steriod injection 12 days ago to treat low back pain/sciatica that I have had for several years. Dr. hit a nerve during the procedure, and to make a long story short, I have ...

 neck pain after tramp?
After a night of sleeping in a weird position I decided to jump on a trampoline, I landed weird and felt a slight pinch in my neck. Now when I turn it left I get that same pinching feeling except ...

Beth M
When i bend my big toe i feel vibrations, it reminds me of a squeaky cabinet. i can feel the vibrations w/hand?
What would cause this?

Let me guess, you can feel it more when you move slowly? I get the same thing while I don't know what it is exactly. I know that I have very little cartilage in my knees and that's where it's the worst. It gets worse the older you get.

Alyssa Jo
that would be cartilage problems. my knees and elbows do that. there is a shock therapy used for this if it gets to where it hurts badly.

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