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Whats the best thing to do for your neck after you slept on it wrong and it's in serious pain?
I can't move my head

I just experienced that few days ago. If you do not want to consult doctor, I suggest you go for physotherapy. It really helps. At the moment may be you can try putting "warm water bag" on your neck to improve blood circulation to ease your muscle. Then try to massage your neck gently. Another option is, use a wooden pencil or normal pen to roll on the bottom part of your second finger (both left & right hand, one after another), it also helps (the method is similar to foot relexology but it applies on hand too).

Hope this will improve your condition a bit.

Try not to move your neck to much. You can get a massage. This will help releive the tention and pain a lot. You can use an ointment or a gel to releive the pain and swelling if there is any. You can also take a pain tablet for the pain. Tylenol, panadol, etc. Olfen gel or tablet for pain and swelling.

If you do any of these things and feel better still try not to move your neck around to much for a few days. As the injury may still be there. Especially if you take any tablets for the pain. You might not feel the pain, but the injury might not have completely healed.

Other than that you just have to rest it and eventually it will go away.

Try a warm towel and light massaging. Try IbuProfen, trust me it works wonders- You can take up to 800mg safely, I think every 6 hours or so. I had this same problem last week. Good Luck!!

kevin klien
I'd see someone who's experienced with that sort of issue such as a chiropractor.. I'd do it soon too before you take the wrong advice.

Carol R
First determine that it isn't something serious, if you haven't had any injury recently, and you arn't sick to your stomach, which could point to something a medical professional should answer, and if you are sure it's just a stiff neck or tension problem try yoga. Kneel in front of a pillow bend down and place the top of your head on pillow and stretch neck from this position, this stretches neck and back muscles that can contribute towards tension in the neck and can create headaches as well

Alternate taking Advil with Tylenol, so your body doesn't become accustomed to either painkiller. They will work better this way...I was given this advice from a doctor and it does really work. I've done what you did many, many times. I feel for you...

Also, if you can, try to lay on a heating pad to allow the muscles to loosen up.

Blaker Girl
i would do i icey hot patch, then take some ibuprofen

also massage it (paying someone or yourself)

when you sleep the next night sleep flat, it will even it out

I would try some light muscle stretches for your neck, ibuprofen, and maybe a little bit of ice.

heat a hand towel by running it under extremely hot water once it is drenchened it hot water squish out the excess water and place on back of neck, assuming the cloth is not to hot for you to handle

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