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What is wrong if you keep having headaches?
And what is a good way to cure it? I've tried taking Ibuprofen but it's not working. Sometimes the headaches are small but sometimes it feels like someone hit me in the head with a bat or something. I'm very stressed out right now so I know that may play a part in it but the pain is too much

Sarah D
is it when you are concentrating on something if so you may need glasses but if not i would recommend you see your GP.

hope it helps

You might be getting migrains. Or it is very possible that you are getting headaches from stress.
We can all guess and come up with ideas for you, but you're best solution is go speak to a doctor. If it's migrains, he may refer you to a neurologist.
Good luck! And feel better!

tall model looking girl
I Iget headaches when I am under stress or do not sleep well.

you could have high blood pressue, that is the number one symptom.

Cran Juice
Headaches are typically caused by stress/tension, clogged sinuses, tastes, smells, even genetics.

As far as the headaches where you feel like you got hit with a bat, those are migraines. Migraines are when you have such a painful headache you can't even function. You're sensitive to light, smells, sounds, get nauseous, and just need everything to stop.

If you take a stronger medication such as Ibeuprofen and you still get headaches, then chances are you may need to see a doctor, which in turn they may tell you to see a neurologist.

In the meantime, what I do to help my headaches is lay in a dark, silent, scent-free room. Sometimes I'll use a cold cloth on my head directly. Other times when I lay down I'll tilt my head more to the side where it's hurting, which apparently makes the throbbing go away. But that's just me. You could also try taking a shower, letting the hot water run on the back of your head/neck, and just stand there for a few minutes. You won't realize it then, but when you get out, you should feel a little better.

Here's a link for more info about your headaches:

hope this helped :)

Try drinking more water. Most headaches are cause by lack of water in the body. If that doesn't help you might need glasses.

Female Airman
stress could possibly play a part, but headaches are also a symptom of many problems. the only way you can find out for sure is go to your doctor and it get it checked.

stress, getting a cold, you might have problems with your eye sight, strong smells..

James p
Actually what it probably is around this time is the Weather. Wx plays a big role because we breath everything that is in the air and it goes straight to our head and right now it is changing drastically due to the seasons changing. Check if you can breathe through both nostrils. If you cant then you are probably just stuffed up and need to take sudafed decongestion. Hope this helps~!

It may not feel like it but you could very well have a sinus infection. Just go to the doc and he'll give you antibiotics and its would go away...that is assuming thats what it is. Which is very possible. Or they could be stress headaches.

It really depends on the type of headache. If this is a persistent problem, you should see a doctor. Frequent persistent headaches can be anything from stress, hormones or food allergy to tumors. It is important to get to the root cause in order to find the right treatment.

Migraines are characterized by throbbing on one side of the head or the other. They can be accompanied by a number of symptoms and for some people they can be debilitating. They are actually caused by a hyper-functioning brain. (the nerves get overexcited under "stress" which can simply mean change of environment or introduction of a substance)

I get migraines, and there is simply nothing I can take for them. (Save Imitrex which is expensive and has side effects I am not willing to risk)

Here are a few of the tricks I use to make take the edge off so I can function:

A cool washcloth on the head with a drop or two of lavender and/or rosemary oil on it.

Cold pack on the back of the neck/head.

Cold pack as above AND soak feet in hot water.

Caffeine can be helpful, but it can sometimes cause rebound headaches when it wears off. (So the headache will come back worse than ever)

Sit comfortably in a chair and roll tennis balls under your feet. (This can stimulate reflexology points to relieve tensions in the body you didn't even know you had)

Peppermint tea. (Sleepytime tea and Tension Tamer from Celestial Seasonings are also wonderful)

Feverfew tincture.

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