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the capybara
What is worse, physical or mental pain?

Hannah x
Well I've experienced both but I'd say that since being diagnosed with IBS definately physical pain!

mental pain is sometimes more difficult to deal with, but severe physical pain is worse as this very often leads to mental pain. if you are in severe physical pain the cause of the pain sometimes causes mental pain due to lose of limb or serious illness. living with physical pain which is treated with high dose painkillers takes away your usual way of coping you feel like you have lent some of your brain out to someone (which is how you can feel if you are in mental pain) but the physical pain is still there part if not all of the time. both are very difficult to live with and treatment is complex with both if they are severe. trust me i know. my thoughts to anyone who is suffering from either at the moment

Froget it Bexy!
We are all individual.
Some people would prefer dull pain to being sick (so they will not take pain killers).
Some people take pills that make them sick just to look slim (mental anguish about getting "fat").
Some people hate both and the fear of both, and try to end their life before they know all the facts about their condition.

I think it's less an issue of which is worse and more an issue of which is usually more intense. I've never felt physical pain as intense as some of the mental pain I've gone through, on the other hand there are some pretty nasty horrible ways to experience neverending physical pain for the rest of your life or something, so it has the potential to be just as bad. I'd say for most people though they will experience more intense mental pain in their life than physical.

Not to suggest here that I'm horribly depressed or anything. I'm a happy person I've just had my share of nasty experiences like a lot of people.

Intresting question!

For me personally,I would have to say emotional.I have a condtion where im in pain almost everyday from it,but i got used to the pain and hardly notice it when i keep busy.With emotional pain,you can have physical symptoms that come up from it.Like when my husband was first deployed,i was depressed.My periods got messed up,I couldnt sleep,I was constantly tired and getting headaches.Once i learned how to cope,all the physical symptoms went away.So for at least me,emotional is worse cause it can bring on alot more problems and just make you feel down in teh dumps:(

It depends on the type of pain and the person involved, both can be extremely hard to live with. For me it is physical pain because even with strong pain killers I am in extreme pain 24/365 and it has been going on for over 10 years, with it seems no chance of changing. It is physically and emotionally draining made all the worse through getting on average 2 hours sleep a night.

having experienced both, i'd say mental pain.

but i'm better now after 6 years. my broken leg only took 6 weeks to fix.

Mental pain as that can last for years. Physical pain nearly always clear up ASAP.

In my experience, mental pain. It is dull, insistant, and you can't just take an asprin to get rid of it. It lingers for longer and is always there niggling at you in the back of your mind, and on bad days it feels like somebody is pushing at something in your chest and won't let go.

WOW...that is hard to say. It depends on the person and what they are made of. Some people cry at a hangnail...and some cannot ever mend a broken heart.

I do know that emotional pain can CAUSE physical pain. So healing one can heal the other.

Definitely mental pain, no question. With physical pain, it's a lot easier to determine a cause and take medicine or have some other treatment to fix it. Mental pain is much more frustrating and complex and can take months or even years to figure out some kind of diagnosis, not to mention treating it is extremely difficult, if not impossible in some cases. (And don't even get me started on the philosophical argument of why the mind is more important than the body...)

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